Designated NPM Cantor Trainers: Requirements and Checklist

  1. Will pass the NPM Cantor Colleague Certificate (CCC)
    Once the applicant passes the CCC, they then continue on with the following:
  2. Must provide a form from a Supervisor; e.g. Music Director/Office of Worship Director on the Diocesan level or another person whose judgments relates to teaching and a cantor’s role -who has seen the candidate teach.  This supervisory person will complete a form.
  3. Will submit a 20 minute teaching video
  4. Will either prepare a 5-page paper on the Psalms - or submit a transcript of college credit on the Psalms, Lectionary Cycle or the Psalms in the Church’s Prayer. The paper should include a discussion of the various types of psalms, as well as the role of the psalms in the context of the Mass. In addition, the paper should include a reflective component in which the applicant chooses a Sunday in the liturgical year (A, B, or C) or another specific liturgy, and discusses the personal impact of studying the Responsorial Psalm and preparing to proclaim it. (Recommended resource: Becoming the Psalms, by Sr. Kathleen Harmon)
  5. Will demonstrate evidence of vocal ability: The vocal ability should come through on the teaching video; however, if the vocal ability is not the focus of the teaching, then the supervisor must attest on the Supervisory form that the candidate does indeed have the appropriate vocal skills.
  6. Will participate in a Skype/Facetime interview with a member of the Cantor Interest Section Steering Committee, if requested.
  7. Will document the completion of the above steps and will submit the NPM Designated Cantor Trainer Checklist when all steps have been completed.

**Interested applicants should contact Tammy Schnittgrund (Chair, NPM Cantor Interest Section) at