Positions Available as of May 10, 2019

Hotline is a service provided by the Membership Department at the National Office.  Listings include members seeking employment, churches seeking staff, and occasionally church music supplies or products for sale.  We encourage institutions offering salaried positions to include the salary range in the ad and to indicate whether that range accords with NPM salary guidelines.  Other useful information: instruments in use (pipe or electronic organ, piano), size of choirs, and the names of music resources/hymnals in use at the parish.

Format: The header includes the position title, church or organization name, address, phone, fax, e-mail and/or website addresses.  The header is followed by descriptive text about the open position. For long descriptions, it is recommended that a summary paragraph be submitted that includes a website link to a more complete job description.

The position description could include responsibilities, required education and experience, estimated hours (full-time, part-time), salary range, and benefits status.  Other useful information might include: number of weekend masses, other responsibilities, instruments in use (pipe or electronic organ, piano, keyboard, guitar), size of choirs, and the names of music resources/hymnals in use at the parish.

Fee: $75 (members) or $100 (non-members) for two months

Submission: Email ads to Jill Nennmann (Jill@npm.org) with your membership number if you are a member, plus the name and email address of the person to whom the invoice should be sent. Ads formatted as noted in these guidelines which are received by 4:30 pm (Eastern) on Thursday will be compiled that evening, and are usually posted on Friday of that same week.  If you are an NPM member, remember to include your member number. 

Removal: If the position is filled before the two month listing period ends, email Jill@npm.org so the ad can be removed when new ads are posted that week.