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NPM has local chapters in more than seventy dioceses, providing a forum where musicians, clergy, and liturgists can gather on a regular basis for continuing education and mutual support. Chapters are organized along diocesan lines and are formed only with the explicit permission of the local bishop or his delegate. Chapter members select their own officers and plan the local chapter programs.

Chapter Directory

We encourage you to become a member of your local chapter and to get involved in its work. If your diocese does not have a chapter and you are interested in helping to start one, please call or email the NPM office.

The work of local chapters is supported by the National Committee for Chapters, a fifteen-member group drawn from the leadership of various chapters throughout the country. The National Committee for Chapters advises and works collaboratively with the NPM President and Board of Directors to coordinate the establishment of new chapters and guide the development of existing chapters.

Mr. Robert McCaffery-Lent & Ms. Mary Beaudoin, Co-Chairs

National Committee on Chapters

Under NPM 2.0, NPM plans to move to a where NPM members belong to both a local chapter and the national association. The network of local chapters will therefore be expanded to all episcopal dioceses in the United States. Explore NPM 2.0: Shaping Our Future, including all five vision documents – Chapters, Programming, Communications, Governance, and Membership here.

Explore ideas for Chapter Events and Membership, Forming an NPM Chapter, and Resources for Chapter Leaders on the Chapter Resources web page.

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