Regional Representatives

Region 1 (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island)

Jonathan Capece (First term, ends 2025)

Region 2 (New York)

Richard Purtorti (First term, ends 2024)

Region 3 (Pennsylvania and New Jersey)

Dr. Frank Klose (First term, ends 2023)

Region 4 (Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and the District of Columbia)

Remi Bauer (First term, ends 2022)

Region 5 (Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana)

Anne Vasile (First term, ends 2025)

Region 6 (Ohio and Michigan)

Jill Maria Murdy (First term, ends 2024)

Region 7 (Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana)

Kelly Dobbs-Mickus (First term, ends 2023)

Region 8 (Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota)

Kellen O’Grady (First term, ends 2022)

Region 9 (Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri)

Danny Baker (First term, ends 2025)

Region 10 (Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas)

Taylor Baca (First term, ends 2024)

Region 11 (Nevada, California and Hawaii)

Lauren McCaul (First term, ends 2023)

Region 12 (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska)

Michael Prendergast (First term, ends 2022)

Region 13 (Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico)

Jaime Cortez (First term, ends 2025)

Region 14 (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida)

Jonathan Branton (First term, ends 2024)

Episcopal Moderator (ex officio)

Most Rev. Mark J. Seitz