An NPM membership has so much to offer for the pastoral musician today.

Each level of membership has benefits suited to support pastoral musicians in their stage of music ministry. Read below to learn more and take advantage of everything included in your membership today! 

The Music Room (NPM’s new database) gives you a space gather with your fellow pastoral musicians across the country. Some of its benefits include:
  • Searching for fellow members and messaging them directly 
  • Posting on your news feed and engaging with other members
  • Registering for events quickly and easily
  • Renewing your membership more easily 

Simply log into The Music Room (formerly Cecilia) and access some of your membership benefits even easier than before.

NPM is proud to provide exclusive videos, discounts, and learning opportunities to Standard- and Premium-level NPM members. These include:

These member benefits are currently being migrated to The Music Room; those that are added are hyperlinked above. In the meantime, to access the other member benefits, click here to access them on

Your log-in credentials for are now the same as The NPM Music Room. 


Registration is open!

Register today for the 47th Annual NPM National Convention (Kansas City, Missouri, July 8-11, 2024). Advance pricing ends on 6/1,- don’t delay!