Many parishes have expressed a willingness to donate hymnals, music, and various other items to assist parishes in need. This page is provided to help them to make connections with communities in need of their assistance.

Please include the name of a contact person along with e-mail address, phone number, and the name and city of the parish.

We will post these messages along with the e-mail address of the sender, so that parishes in need can make contact with individuals and parishes that would like to assist them.

Items Needed

From: Kevin Mallon
St. James Episcopal Church, 11511 SW Bull Mountain Road, Tigard, OR 97224
Cell Phone: 503-863-1973

Date: February 5, 2019

The first volume of the keyboard accompaniment for the first edition of Journeysongs (copyright 1994) from OCP.

From: Kaitlin OuYang and Ashley Batugo
University of Maryland Catholic Student Center, College Park

Phone: (301) 864-6223

Date: January 25, 2019

Choir version of the Gather Comprehensive Second Edition.

From: Shelli, Church Secretary
St. Christopher Catholic Church in Kanab UT. 84741

Phone: 435-644-3414
Date: October 31, 2018

Our Catholic Church is trying to locate the binders for organ music for the Oregon Catholic Press 2nd edition Journey Song Series. If you have these items available , please contact Shelli, our Secretary

From: Gloria Robinson
Albuquerque Catholic Women's Choir, Albuquerque, NM
Phone: 505 771-0540
Date: June 25, 2018

The Albuquerque Catholic Women's Choir is searching for St Gregory Hymnals (blue hard cover)published before Vatican II. These are no longer in print. The mission of this choir is to preserve the "Treasures of the church", or "sacred Latin music" Gregorian Chant. We are a non-profit.

From: Paul Fell
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Columbia, MO
Phone: 573-445-7915
Date: April 11, 2018

Attempting to locate Choir/Cantor versions of the JourneySongs Second Edition (ISBN:  1-57992-110-8) to replace copies that have gone missing over time.  Could use at least 8-10 copies in reasonable shape, but additional copies appreciated.  More than happy to pay for shipping and handling.

From: Kathie Zakresky
St Gabriel the Archangel Parish, Chestermere Alberta, Canada

Phone: 403-934-5477

Date: March 13, 2018

We're a new parish celebrating Mass in a school gymnasium, in the process of working towards building a church, looking for Glory and Praise (green) any number of up to 25 copies of Choir edition, 3 Guitar edition and 3 piano accompaniment.  Willing to pay fee and Shipping and handling. 

From: Henrietta Atkin
St Francis of Rome, Cicero, IL
Date: February 28, 2018

Looking for 2-volume set of Gather Landscape Accompaniment books (green cover).

From: Annette Wright
St. Mary’s Church of Redford, Detroit, Michigan
Phone: 586-453-2112
Date: January 25, 2018

Approximately 150 copies of Lead Me, Guide Me Second Edition needed.

From: Marge Wolf, Music Director
St. Therese Catholic Church, North Fort Myers, FL 33903
Phone: 239 910 2868
Date: January 24, 2018

We're looking the B flat Trumpet music for GIA Gather Comprehensive First Edition (green)

Items to Donate

From: Amee Heigl
Saint Patrick Catholic Church, 19921 Nightingale Street NW, Oak Grove, MN 55011
Phone: (763)753-2011 ext. 7631
Date: January 2, 2019

Our parish has approximately 600+ copies of Gather Comprehensive as well at 600+ copies of Canticle (the Franciscan University hymnal) that we would love to give away.  

From: Heather VandeWeert
Echo Lake Baptist Church, 1355 Macopin Road, West Milford, NJ 07480
Date: December 5, 2018

We have about 100+ hymnals (The Hymnal for Worship and Celebration: WORD MUSIC Copyright 1986) and about 55+ NIV Hardcover Bibles to donate to a church in need. We are in Northern New Jersey. They would be too heavy to ship but I’m sure we can find someone who would be willing to drive halfway ( up to 5 hours) for anyone interested.

From: Jennifer D. Behnke
Sacred Heart Church, 76 Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Date: September 13, 2018

We have 500 gently used copies of Gather Comprehensive (green cover) with readings, as well as landscape keyboard edition boxed, and ready to go. No identifying parish name, and the Revised Roman Missal congregational responses have been printed on stickers and placed in the front of each hymnal for congregational reference. Please let me know if you or a parish you know may be interested. Shipping and/or delivery are not included. (There are almost 175 more in not so good condition, boxed separately as well, if you really want them)

From: Dr. Paul Thornock
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, 222 East Harris Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401
Date: September 12, 2018

We have more than 600 copies of Gather Comprehensive, Second Edition available. They are free for pick-up.

From: Daniel Conte
St. Joseph's Church in Ellsworth, Maine

Date: July 16, 2018

We have around 150 JourneySongs 2nd edition hymnals which we would be happy to give to anyone who can use them. 

From: Michele and Fr Ranallo
St Ann’s Church, 2 Russo St. Providence, RI  02904

Phone: 401-861-5111
Date: July 13, 2018

Our parish has approx. 300+ Catholic Community Hymnals Copyrighted 1999. Books are in excellent condition.

From: Dolores Fredericks
St. Mary’s Catholic Church 2211 E. Lakeview Drive, Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

Phone: 423 283 0103
Date: July 4, 2018

Our parish has about 250+ 2005 edition SPIRIT & SONG 1 & 2 Texts and Prayers hymnals to give to someone who will help with the shipping. (no music) We will also send a few accompaniment books. The hymnals are free – just take care of shipping.

From: Kelli Postemski
Hampton Congregational Church, 263 Main St, Hampton, CT 06247
Phone: 860.455.9677
Date: June 27, 2018

We have about 140 "The New Century Hymnal" Copyright 1995 The Pilgrim Press. Published 1995. We also have about 140 of "Pilgrim Hymnal"Copyright May 1977, Twentieth Printing by The Pilgrim Press.

From: Ruth M. Gabriel-Benesh
St. Dennis Parish, Madison WI
Ruth’s Phone: (608) 445-0603
Date: May 14, 2018

We have several hundred pew books, several choir and accompaniment books of Gather Comprehensive, Third Edition,©1994. No Readings. {Mass Acclamations are not revised} Free but you pay shipping. Must know by June 3, 2018.

From: Caleb Mitchell
Ss. Mary and Paul Catholic Parish, Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Phone: 608-553-3836
Date: May 8, 2018

About 50 gently used Worship Third Edition, Pew Edition with readings, available for donation.