Pastoral Music Magazine Archive
NPM is providing free access to the first thirty-six volumes of Pastoral Music, extending from October-November 1976 through September 2012.  Each issue of the magazine is posted here in PDF format for the use of pastoral musicians and others doing research on liturgical and musical issues. The most current issues of Pastoral Music are available to NPM members in the Members-Only resource area of the NPM website.


Pastoral Music Magazine Index
As a service to our members and visitors to our web page, we offer this index of the first thirty-two volumes of our magazine, Pastoral Music. You may download or print a copy of this index for your personal use, but additional use requires permission from the NPM Editorial Office. Phone: (240) 247-3000; e-mail:


Media Kit
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The Liturgical Singer
For Cantors,Psalmists, Choirs and Choir Directors, The Liturgical Singer is a consistent resource with practical help for your growing understanding of the liturgy, the singer’s role in the liturgy, and vocal techniques to use.