The Alliance for the Certification of Lay Ecclesial Ministers (or, “the Alliance”) seeks to affirm and promote lay ecclesial ministry (LEM) in parishes and dioceses throughout the United States. The Alliance is comprised of five national Catholic ministry organizations working collaboratively to produce common standards for lay ecclesial ministry and to implement and promote the certification of lay ecclesial ministers.

The National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) participates in this alliance to support the certification of Directors of Music Ministries.  Certification is a credential you earn by demonstrating compliance with standards for professional competence. To “be certified” is a professional acknowledgement that you have met nationally recognized standards for competence in lay ecclesial ministry.  Why should you pursue certification?

  1. Affirmation & Credibility: Certification is a chance for you to be affirmed and lifted up in your ministry and to have your pastoral and professional competence in ministry professionally acknowledged by an outside authority.
  2. Identity & Connection: Certification is an opportunity for you to affirm your commitment to ministry in the Church and a connection with the national ministerial organization for your field.
  3. Portable Credential: National certification provides a professional credential that is portable to other dioceses around the country.
  4. Development of Your Field: Becoming certified is one way for you to be an agent of change and contribute to the development and strengthening of your field. Your participation in this process supports the building of a “culture of competence” in lay ecclesial ministry and helps to raise the bar for competent, faithful and professional ministry with the People of God.

You may find more information about the process for certifying Directors of Music Ministries at  The Alliance website has details on the What, Why, Who, and How you may pursue this important step in professional development.

Core Certification Standards and Competencies (pdf)

List of Certified Lay Ecclesial Ministers


Patricia Campbell

Raphael Morvant

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Subcommittee on Certification for Ecclesial Ministry and Service (formerly the USCCB Commission on Certification and Accreditation) has approved the certification standards and procedures of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians as a member of the Alliance for Certification of Lay Ecclesial Ministers for Director of Music Ministries through 2018. The USCCB Subcommittee national office is located at 3211 Fourth Street NE, Washington, DC 20017 (202-541-3154). For more information go to:

List of Certified Directors of Music Ministries

The standards and procedures for certification for Directors of Music Ministries changed in 2011.  Prior to that time, the certification was designated as Certified Director of Music Ministries (CDMM) and was also approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Commission on Certification and Accreditation.

The following DMMD members were awarded the designation of Certified Director of Music Ministries (CDMM) after demonstrating competence according to the National Standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministers, including the specialized competencies for directors of music ministries.

Katie Barton
Joanne Werner

Kathleen Demny

Patricia Campbell

Mark Konchan

David Martinez