It has been an exciting year for NPM! We celebrated a successful convention in Reno, Nevada, and announced the 2024 Convention’s upcoming location of Kansas City, Missouri. On top of that, NPM offered regularly-scheduled webinars on topics reflecting the many ways pastoral musicians serve. Lastly, Standard- and Premium-level members also now receive discounts on auto, home, pet, and renter’s insurance, as well as discounts on hotels and car rentals, just to name a few. Building on the progress our association has made in 2023, we now announce upcoming improvements to NPM memberships for all pastoral musicians.

New Membership Levels: Select and Select Plus

First and foremost, you will see that our Basic-level membership will now be replaced by two options: “Select” and “Select Plus.”
A Select-level membership offers the same benefits as our Basic-level membership;
a Select Plus-level membership gives you Basic-level benefits, a subscription to Pastoral Music magazine, and a 5% discount on NPM programming (including the National Convention).

New Discounts for Clergy and Retired Members

In addition to these changes, NPM will now offer discounted membership for retired pastoral musicians, clergy, students, and those serving in religious life!
These discounted memberships will receive the benefits of a Select Plus-level membership. 

New Discount Available for Digital-Only Access to Pastoral Music

You will also see Standard- and Premium-level membership dues increase by $4-10. Additionally, a $10 discount is now available to these members by opting out of the print version of Pastoral Music, making the eco-friendly choice to receive it digitally instead.

Merchant Processing Fees for Debit/Credit Card Transactions

Beginning February 1, 2024, NPM members will be charged a 3% transaction fee when using a debit or credit card. There will continue to be no fees when using ACH (e-check) for payment, or mailing a check into the NPM National Office at: 

962 Wayne Avenue, Suite 550
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

All stated membership changes will go into effect on
February 1, 2024.
These changes are a direct result of your feedback. We continue to be a member-led organization, seeking to serve pastoral musicians in all levels of service to the Catholic Church today. As our needs evolve, so does our Association and the benefits we offer to you. Your membership and support affirms our mission to foster the art of musical liturgy both now and in years to come.