At A Glance: What To Expect at Skill Builders 2021

Choirs play an essential role in the celebration of the liturgy by leading, supporting and beautifying the singing of the gathered assembly. Just like choirs require strong leaders, singers require the proper skills and foundation to fully exercise their ministry. During our time together we will address skills required on both ends of the spectrum while recognizing our role as “servants of the Liturgy and members of the gathered assembly” (STL #32). This area of concentration is directed towards amateur choir members and amateur choir directors and leaders.  

Our sessions will address:

  • Basic sight-singing skills
  • Recognizing our body as our main instrument
  • Basic principles of Vocal Technique
  • Basic conducting skills. Gestures, patterns, and how these are perceived by the singers.
  • Leadership. The choral singer and the director as leaders and servants of the Liturgy.