Welcome to the NPM Section for Pastoral Liturgy

The NPM Section for Pastoral Liturgy is made up of NPM members who are responsible for liturgical leadership in their parish/diocese/institution or are involved in the preparation of liturgies.  The role of this section is to:

  • Encourage communication among our members using various venues, e.g., NPM publications, articles, newsletters, the NPM website
  • Provide input for continuing formation programs to NPM at the national and regional level and through NPM institutes in response to the needs of pastoral liturgists
  • Provide an online forum where NPM members can interact with each other regarding the various liturgical issues they may face in their liturgical communities.

The links at the upper right are full of resources to assist you in “fostering the art of musical liturgy” and collaborating with others as well.

The Standing Committee for Pastoral Liturgy provides leadership for the section and is ready to assist our members by sharing their own experience and knowledge.  The Contact Us link provides contact information for committee members.

Over the past 50 years, since the promulgation of The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, the term “pastoral liturgy” and its praxis has become synonymous with the vision of “full, conscious, and active participation in liturgical celebrations” envisioned by the Second Vatican Council.  As members and colleagues of NPM we are part of the great legacy begun 50 years ago that through our sharing of experience, faith and knowledge we may continue be instruments of renewal.

Since we are a work in progress, we certainly welcome the thoughts and ideas of our members to help make this site more informative and useful.

In Christ,

Christopher Ferraro, Chair
NPM Steering Committee for Pastoral Liturgy