Welcome to the NPM Organists' Section

In his hymn text for the dedication of an organ "With Pipes of Tin and Wood Make Known" Thomas Troeger concludes

Then boldly open wide the swell and, with a trumpet call,
Announce the news we thirst to tell: that Christ is Lord of all.

The NPM Section for organists is here to assist in our music ministry, the way we as organists fulfill our baptismal call to discipleship through our leadership of the assembly in liturgical prayer.

You can also obtain information here about the three NPM certification programs for organists: The Basic Organist Certification, the joint NPM/AGO SPC certification, and the joint NPM/AGO CAGO certification. These certification programs focus the organist's ability to play appropriate liturgical repertoire for the organ and, more importantly, to make sure the organist is able to accompany the singing assembly, cantors and choirs competently.

You can contact members of the Steering Committee for Organists for NPM chapters throughout the country.

Another source for continuing education and formation offered for organists are the NPM Organ Schools.  These schools are offered by outstanding faculty and held in a variety of locations each year. In addition, the Organists section newsletter provides information about these schools, organ offerings at NPM national and regional conventions and news or information about new instrument installations and resources for organists. An organ masterclass for all ages is offered at the convention.

Are you interested in purchasing a new pipe organ? The NPM Directory of Organ Builders is the most complete listing available of organ builders in the United States. We also offer purchasing information from various organ builders. Check out Martin Ott's Repurchase Price Listing.

To assist in our ministry as organists, we also benefit from staying in touch with other organists' organizations such as the American Guild of Organists (AGO), the Organ Historical Society and the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America . The NPM Organists' section also supports the work of the Liturgical Organists Consortium. You may also want to listen to organ music on the radio from the award winning program Pipedreams.

As organists, we are members of a time-honored ministry within the Church's musical life. As our liturgical renewal enters a new generation, we seek to refine and promote the role of the organ and organists for the benefit of the Church's prayer, the spread of the Gospel and the glory of God. May this site be a new and beneficial way for all of us to strengthen and nourish our ministry.

"With Pipes of Tin and Wood Make Known" by Thomas H. Troeger. Copyright © 1994, Oxford University Press.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.