NPM 2.0 is a process of listening, analysis, dreaming, and visioning the future of NPM


NPM Mission

Our mission of “fostering the art of musical liturgy” continues . . . envisioning a future in which music ministry leaders serve the thousands of Catholic parishes, schools, and institutions in our country, providing music that helps express the faith of the Church, alive in Jesus Christ!

Global Ends Statement: Pastoral musicians will have the necessary skills and formation to provide excellent leadership in music ministry for service to the Catholic Church in the United States.”

Our Global Ends statement will continue to be modified and adapted to reflect the things that we learn during this NPM 2.0 process, ensuring that all efforts meet the mission of NPM, toward the Global Ends goal.


NPM 2.0 Vision

NPM 2.0 is a process of listening, analysis, dreaming, and visioning that has been underway since last fall. Nearly twenty NPM leaders from the board, council, committees, chapter directors, and other wisdom figures have labored on two task forces to propose a vision for the future of National Pastoral Musicians

  • Governance Task Force
  • Operations Task Force

A national network of local chapters united in our mission

  • Vision: NPM is a national network of local chapters; pastoral musicians participate in the work of NPM through chapter meetings and events, networking with peers in neighboring parishes, animating music ministry in their local dioceses, supporting colleagues in their area, as well as through national gatherings and by reading national publications. Chapters also collaborate within their region and embody NPM in the larger geographical area. Because chapters are the heart of NPM, chapter directors share directly in the governance of the national organization through representation on the NPM Council. Being a member locally and being a member nationally are inseparable.
  • Complete Chapter Vision Document


Providing skills and formation training, online and in-person

  • Vision: NPM offers events and programs (in-person and online) for pastoral musicians at various levels of skill and formation. By building stronger relationships with diocesan leaders and fully engaging local chapters, NPM offers needed programming to effectively serve its mission.
  • Complete Programming Vision Document


Connecting with the Church and each other

  • Vision: NPM communicates through multiple media (including a website, social media, email, podcasts, scholarly journal, other print publications, etc.) sharing its mission and opportunities to participate. Through an integrated and coordinated communication strategy, NPM keeps members informed and engaged.
  • Complete Communications Vision Document


Catholic, non-profit, diverse, and led by our members

  • Vision: NPM is an independent non-profit organization, led and governed by its members, connected to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. A board of directors oversees and governs the organization through policies. An advisory council, representative of membership, elects the board and advises the board on governance of the organization. Committees of members address various areas of organizational life (e.g. communications, finance & development, etc.)
  • Complete Governance Vision Document


Preparing effective musical and liturgical leaders

  • Vision: Members of NPM provide leadership in music ministry throughout the Catholic Church in the United States. NPM prepares pastoral musicians for leadership in ministry through its programming and publications
  • Complete Membership Vision Document


NPM 2.0 Launch Event