NPM 2.0 is a process of listening, analysis, dreaming, and visioning the future of NPM.


This webpage has been updated and reflects 6+ months of additional feedback, revisions, reflections and hard work by the NPM 2.0 Core Team and NPM's Board of Directors. (Updated January 14, 2020)

Since NPM 2.0's launch in 2019, we have...

...completed the Assessment phase of NPM 2.0, thanks to the recent membership surveys and the national survey of parish music ministry completed last winter by nearly 3,000 parishes across the United States. the categories that we value most.

Thanks to your input, we have consolidated these values into 3 main categories: 

Structure & Governance

Programming & Communications

Membership (including Chapters) NPM's Mission Statement for the future of the association. to the NPM 2.0 process, via an 18-month planning and execution process. 

...introduced an NPM 2.0 Core Team to oversee the process going forward.


A Message from the NPM Board of Directors


From time to time, the Board of Directors will update members directly on the work of the NPM 2.0 initiative, to keep you informed and engage you in the important work of ensuring the organization's future success.


The NPM 2.0 initiative is kicking into high gear in this new year! From among NPM member-leaders, a Core Team has been commissioned by the board of directors to oversee the project for the next 18-24 months:

Christopher Ferraro (Rockville Centre, NY) - Structure & Governance Lead

Jessica Koch (Chicago, IL): Membership Lead

Jeannie Downey-Vanover (Washington D.C.): Programming & Communications Lead

Andrea Ramos (Austin, TX): At-large

Lynne Gray (Baltimore, MD): At-large

Diana Macalintal (San Jose, CA): At-large

Joseph Bazyouros (Los Angeles, CA): At-large

Steve Petrunak, NPM President/CEO

Jeremy Helmes, NPM Board Chair


Three Implementation Teams are being formed to help design in the areas of Structure & Governance, Membership, and Programming & Communications.


The landmark recent survey of parish music ministry programs in the U.S. (completed by nearly 3,000 parishes!), along with feedback received from you, our members, last summer will help us assess the field as it exists presently, and continue to shape the future for NPM.


Please stay tuned to this space, to Pastoral Music, and other communications about the progress on NPM 2.0.
Email to contact the Board of Directors with any concerns or questions you have about NPM 2.0.


NPM Mission

Our mission of “fostering the art of musical liturgy” continues . . . envisioning a future in which music ministry leaders serve the thousands of Catholic parishes, schools, and institutions in the United States, enabling the Church to “sing the praise of God through divinely inspired musical worship." 

For more information, check out Global Ends Policy 1.0.


NPM 2.0 Vision

In July 2019, NPM leadership launched the NPM 2.0 initiative, proposing a vision for our future to association membership at the summer convention in Raleigh, streamed live to our members in the United States and throughout the world. NPM 2.0 now has three focus areas:

Structure & Governance

Catholic, non-profit, diverse, and led by our members

  • Vision: NPM is an independent nonprofit organization, led and governed by its members, connected to the USCCB. A board of directors oversees and governs the organization through the establishment of policies. An Advisory Council, representative of membership, elects the board and advises the board on governance of the organization. Committees of members address various areas of organizational life; e.g. communications, certification, finance and development, etc.

Programming & Communications

Providing skills and formation training, online and in-person

  • Vision: NPM offers events and programs for pastoral musicians at various levels of skill and formation. By building stronger relationships with diocesan leaders and fully engaging local chapters, NPM offers needed programming to effectively serve its mission.Effective communications through multiple media (including website, social media, email, podcasts, scholarly journal, and other print publications) is essential for sharing NPM’s mission and program opportunities. Through an integrated and coordinated communication strategy, NPM keeps members informed and engaged.


A national network of chapters and members, united in mission and ministry

  • Vision: Members of NPM provide leadership in music ministry throughout the Catholic Church in the United States. NPM prepares pastoral musicians for leadership in ministry through its programming, publications, and formation initiatives. NPM membership is structured through a national network of chapters; pastoral musicians participate in the work of NPM through chapter meetings and events, networking with peers in neighboring parishes, animating music ministry in their local dioceses, supporting colleagues in their area, and through national gatherings. Chapters also collaborate within their region and embody NPM in the larger geographical area. Because chapters are the heart of NPM, chapter directors share directly in the governance of the national organization through representation on the NPM Council.



NPM 2.0 Launch Event