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• Introduction
• Elaine Rendler-McQueen: NPM Beginnings and Mission
• Award Presentations

DMMD Member of the Year: Michelle Ogren, Grand Rapids, Michigan Chapter
NPM Chapter Leader of the Year: Andrea Ramos, Austin, Texas Chapter
NPM Chapter of the Year: Rapid City, South Dakota

• Scholarships

La Beca Juan XXIII Scholarship: Julio DeLeón
Funk Family Scholarship: JJ Mitchell

NPM Pastoral Musician of the Year presented by Sr. Kathleen Harmon

• Gary Daigle

Jubilate Deo Award presented by Jeremy Helmes

• Sr. Judith Kubicki



• Introduction
• Recent Accomplishments
• Recent Challenges

2018 Annual Report



• Overview: The Elements of NPM 2.0
• Dreaming of our Future
• NPM 2.0 Process and Key Elements

• Chapters

Map of State with Chapters
Current information on NPM Chapters

• Programming

• On-LIne Learning
• In-Person
• Current Programming

• On-Line

• Essentials of Catholic Liturgy
• Cantor Training
• Members-only Website Resources

• In-Person Training

• One Call/Una Vocación Institute (for youth and their advocates)
• Guitar and Ensemble Institute
• Winter Colloquium
• Annual Conventions

• Communications
• Governance
• Membership

NPM Members by State

• Wrap-up


The Future of NPM!

Chapters: A national network of Local Chapters united in our mission

Programming: Providing skills and formation training, online and in person

Communications: Connecting with the Church and each other

Governance: Catholic, non-profit, and led by our members

Membership: Preparing effective musical and liturgical leaders



NPM 2.0 Background