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The NPM 2.0 process aims:
  • To create a vision for the future of our association and the future of pastoral music ministry in the Church.
  • To foster enthusiasm, excitement, and commitment for our ministry and for NPM … connecting our members’ stories with the NPM story.
  • To foster honest conversation around cultural diversity, committing ourselves to genuine inclusivity that truly reflects the Church in the United States. We cannot just remain the same.
  • To create effective and efficient organizational structures that strengthen NPM in achieving our mission.
  NPM is addressing several current critical factors impacting our mission, including:
  • Increasing cultural diversity in the membership by assuring inclusivity and representation in the leadership, governance, and programming of NPM.
  • Strengthening our relationship with our valued organizational partners and assuring their continued participation in the mission of NPM.
  • The impact of financial challenges at the parish, diocesan, and organizational levels on members and their ministry, as well as on their participation in NPM.
  • The initial vision for NPM 2.0 was introduced to members in the summer of 2019 and members had the opportunity to help shape that vision which would lay the foundation for the future of the association.
  • We commissioned a survey of parishes throughout the United States about their music ministry programs, and with the input of over 2,000 parishes, we were able to better understand the field and our challenges.
  • NPM leadership commissioned a Core Team of member-leaders to oversee the process and established Implementation Teams to develop draft proposals for leadership and structure, programming and communications, and membership.
  • NPM leaders such as the Council, Chapter Directors, members of our new Cultural Diversity Task Force, and other leaders have helped to refine the vision and to prepare it for member feedback. We’re excited to receive the feedback of members during the summer and fall of 2020, and to begin sharing our vision for the future with pastoral musicians across the United States and beyond!

In July 2019, NPM leadership launched the NPM 2.0 initiative, proposing a vision for our future to association membership at the summer convention in Raleigh. The Core Team commissioned by the board of directors oversees the project:
  • Christopher Ferraro (Rockville Centre, NY) - Structure & Governance Convener
  • Jessica Koch (Chicago, IL): Membership Convener
  • Jeannie Downey-Vanover (Washington D.C.): Programming & Communications Convener
  • Andrea Ramos (Austin, TX): At-large
  • Lynne Gray (Baltimore, MD): At-large
  • Joseph Bazyouros (Los Angeles, CA): At-large
  • Steve Petrunak, NPM President/CEO
  • Jeremy Helmes, NPM Board Chair, Core Team convener
  • The three Implementation Teams are developing recommendations in the areas of Structure & Governance, Membership, and Programming & Communications. The initial draft of recommendations is currently being reviewed and revised by the Core Team.
  • Chris Ferraro, Convener
  • Steve Adams
  • Judith Kubicki
  • Jim Bessert
  • Wendy Silhavy
  • Bruce Croteau
  • Dolores Martinez
  • Terri Bowen
  • Steve Petrunak
  • Jessica Koch, Convener
  • Bob McCaffery-Lent
  • Fr. Brad Zamora
  • Anna Betancourt
  • Marieth Quintero
  • Christian Cosas
  • Keith Kalemba
  • Kathleen Haley
  • Jeannie Downey-Vanover
  • Karen Thomas
  • Michael Bedics
  • Maria Milazzo
  • Henry Bauer
  • Tina Anderson
  • Berta Sabrio


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    This webpage has been updated and reflects 6+ months of additional feedback, revisions, reflections and hard work by the NPM 2.0 Core Team and NPM's Board of Directors. (Updated January 14, 2020)

    SINCE NPM 2.0'S LAUNCH IN 2019, WE HAVE...

    ...completed the Assessment phase of NPM 2.0, thanks to the recent membership surveys and the national survey of parish music ministry completed last winter by nearly 3,000 parishes across the United States. 

    ...re-envisioned the categories that we value most.

    Thanks to your input, we have consolidated these values into 3 main categories: 

    Structure & Governance

    Programming & Communications

    Membership (including Chapters)

    ...re-imagined NPM's Mission Statement for the future of the association. 

    ...re-committed to the NPM 2.0 process, via an 18-month planning and execution process. 

    ...introduced an NPM 2.0 Core Team to oversee the process going forward.