DMMD: For the Professional Director

DMMD Membership Application

The National Association of Pastoral Musicians fosters the art of musical liturgy. NPM members serve the Catholic Church in the United States as musicians, clergy, liturgists, and other leaders of prayer.

Recognizing that we have been called by God through baptism, formation, and a desire to foster the art of musical liturgy, members of the Director of Music Ministries Division (DMMD) of NPM are professional directors of music ministries.

Just as NPM strives to meet the needs of its members through sections and divisions that focus on competencies, skills, or vocations, DMMD is the membership division for those who hold or share primary responsibility for music. As professional directors of music ministries, DMMD members demonstrate:

  • competence in musical, liturgical, pastoral, and organizational skills;
  • personal and spiritual maturity;
  • identity as a lay ecclesial minister;
  • theological understanding.

DMMD was established in 1988 as a network of support, education, and attention to professional concerns for professional directors of music ministries. Members enjoy the opportunity to gather at conventions, colloquia, and other NPM events.

DMMD includes those music ministers with titles such as director, associate director, director of liturgy and music-in a parish, a diocese, or another church institution. If one of these describes you, we invite you to become a DMMD member today!

Code of Ethics

All DMMD members must agree to uphold the NPM/DMMD Code of Ethics. The Code sets forth the spirit and conduct expected of the professional director of music ministries in the following areas:

  • ministry
  • membership
  • collaboration
  • respect and legal rights

New members agree to uphold and abide by this Code of Ethics when applying for membership.

Requirements for DMMD Membership

  • Current member of NPM (parish or individual)
  • Employed full-time or part-time in a parish, school, or other church institution as director of music ministries, associate director of music ministries, director of liturgy and music, or equivalent
  • Primary or shared responsibility for musical decisions
  • Completed and signed application form submitted with annual dues ($40)

DMMD Leadership

The work of DMMD is directed by an eleven-member Board of Directors. Directors are elected for four-year terms by the membership voting in geographical regions. Five are elected as regional directors, six are elected as directors at large.

To foster the work of support, continuing formation, and professional concerns, the Board of Directors has five working committees:

  • Certification
  • Professional Concerns
  • Education
  • Communications
  • Member Services


DMMD offers a program of professional certification leading to the designation of Certified Director of Music Ministries (CDMM). The certification process is based on common standards and competencies for lay ecclesial ministers and includes specialized standards and competencies for professional music ministry leadership.

Education and Formation

NPM sponsors formation opportunities specifically geared to the professional director of music ministries, including institutes, workshops, and retreat days at NPM conventions as well as retreats and an annual colloquium. DMMD has also created the Choral Anthem Project as a choral planning resource for every Sunday and major feast of the liturgical year.


DMMD keeps members informed of news and events through its quarterly newsletter, Praxis . The newsletter is available primarily in electronic format, but may also be obtained in a printed version.


All DMMD members are listed in the DMMD Directory, available in the members-only section of the DMMD website. Members are listed both alphabetically and by state to foster professional networking.

DMMD Membership Application