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“Why form a Chapter?

Musicians need musicians—not only for practical reasons: to learn from one another and get substitutes for vacation—but also for human reasons: to share insights and support for one another as you minister in your diocese.

Leadership is critical, but participation is essential."

-Rev. Virgil C. Funk, President Emeritus, NPM


We're thrilled to hear that you want to start an NPM Chapter! Here are your first steps:

How to Form a Chapter (PDF)

Application for Charter as a Temporary NPM Chapter (PDF) 

Application for Charter as a Permanent NPM Chapter (PDF)



Need more? Here are some more resources we thought would help you: 

NPM Chapter Brochure (PDF)
This brochure is an easy, printable resource for those who want to advertise the benefits of a local chapter. 

The NPM Chapter Manual (English and Spanish)
The NPM Chapter Manual provides information and offers resources to assist Chapter leaders in leadership and planning.