Welcome to the NPM Ensemble Section

The Standing Committee for Ensemble Musicians works to serve the needs of more than 1200 Ensemble musicians in NPM.  As a community of instrumentalists, keyboard players, music directors, arrangers and cantors, this section offers institutes, convention breakout sessions, resource materials and diocesan workshops for pastoral musicians seeking to learn more about playing and singing liturgical music.

Our homepage has the following features:

  • Programs & Events:  Institutes, Workshops, Classes, and Events
  • Arranging & Copyright:  Resources for arranging for various sized ensembles
  • Contact Us:  Biographies and contact information for standing committee members

Our Featured Article is Kevin Keil’sCreating an Ensemble Sound that Supports the Singing Assembly from Pastoral Music (August-September 2008)

Our Featured Handout is Gael Berberick’s A Contemporary Ensemble Outline from the 2008 LA Breakout.

Continued musical study and pastoral formation are vital elements to the development of the ensemble musician.  While this begins at the parish level, ensemble musicians are encouraged to seek more learning opportunities such as the NPM Pre-Convention Institutes and Breakout Sessions offered during the conventions within in the Ensemble Track.  Additional Guitar and Ensemble Institutes are presented in various locations throughout the country each year.  We hope you will find this information useful to your music ministry.