Welcome to the Director of Music Ministries Division

The Director of Music Ministries Division (DMMD) includes professional pastoral musicians who hold or share the primary responsibility for music in a variety of settings - parish, diocesan, and other church institutions. For nearly thirty years DMMD has provided a network of support for professional directors and addressed their particular needs in the areas of education and professional concerns.

On these pages you will find valuable information about many of our programs and offerings.  I especially encourage you to visit the Certification page on this site.  NPM is now a member of the Alliance for Certification of Lay Ecclesial Ministers. With recognition from the USCCB, becoming a Certified Director of Music Ministries is a an endeavor worthy of consideration.

A significant amount of the information on the DMMD site is open to the public, so that our work can be of use to all members of NPM, as well as to members of DMMD, and indeed anyone who visits this site. There will still be a private section of our web site, accessible only to members of DMMD, with information just for members of the Division. You will also find the Choral Anthem Project on the NPM web site - that project is a result of the work of DMMD, and we are happy to share the results of that effort, in the form of this useful planning tool, with everyone. The Director of Music Ministries Division strives to be of service both to our members, and to the Association as a whole.

If you are the person who holds or shares the primary responsibility for musical decisions in your parish, I invite you to join DMMD (pdf file). Read our brochure  (pdf file) to learn more about our division. If you are already a member, I challenge you to invite your fellow music directors and friends to join us. We have created a network of support, education, and professional concerns for all who are involved in full time music work in the Church, and we look forward to you being a part of it.

If you have any questions, please let us know. The Contact Us page gives you a complete list of DMMD Board members and committee assignments, and we would be happy to hear from you. Thank you for visiting the NPM web page, and the Director of Music Ministries Division.

Chris Reilly
President, DMMD