Welcome to the NPM Section for Diocesan Directors of Music

Welcome to the NPM Section for Diocesan Directors of Music.  There are 194 dioceses and eparchies in the United States, all of which have common needs, such as continuing formation of music ministers and various diocesan liturgies requiring music-Rite of Election, Ordinations, Episcopal Installations, and various Masses for special groups.

The NPM Section for Diocesans Directors of Music was established to gather the person or persons in charge of music ministry in each diocese.  Some U.S. dioceses employ a full or part time director of music, some have diocesan music commissions, and others have a music representative on the diocesan liturgical commission.  Some dioceses without diocesan commissions or paid staff rely on the cathedral or parish musicians, local NPM chapters to address the musical needs of the diocese.

The NPM Section for Diocesan Directors of Music holds a meeting and provides continuing education sessions during the NPM convention each year. Don’t miss this annual opportunity for networking and ongoing formation. There is also a quarterly newsletter for communication, and random emails to connect with one another.

This website also provides resources for diocesan directors, including links to diocesan guidelines on music ministry and music for various liturgical rites.