Welcome to the “Custos” newsletter webpage. The Custos newsletter is dedicated to providing information about the singing of Chant in the Novus Ordo Liturgy.

There is a revival of interest in singing Chant in the Liturgy recently. But understanding the origins, current scholarship, and continuity of Chant and its role in the Novus Ordo is scattered.

It is the goal of the newsletter to provide sources, events for learning, and sharing by NPM parishes which use Chant. It is also a site for seeking additional guidance in the use of Chant in the Liturgy

"Custos" is pronounced (KOO-stos). The name comes from the little note at the end of the line in traditional four-line notation which helpfully indicates what the first pitch on the next line will be. This little note is called a "custos," which is Latin for "guide."

We hope that our newsletter will be a helpful guide to the work of the Chant Section, and also a helpful forum to learn and sing chant.

We welcome articles and stories. We want to publish information about the growing use of Chant in the Liturgy, We hope to publish three times a year, beginning 2 month before the annual convention. Members of the Chant Section are invited to submit materials for the newsletter to its editor, Lowell A. Davis, Chair of the Chant Section, npmchant@gmail.com.