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Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
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NPM Staff and Office

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Dr. Bob McCarty
Interim Executive Director

Rev. Virgil C. Funk
President Emeritus


Ms. Berta Sabrio
Vice President of Programming and Planning

Ms. Amanda Bruce
Interactive Media Director

Ms. Karen B. Kane
Membership Services Representative

Additional Staff

Dr. Jennifer Kerr Budziak, Editor

Ms. Deirdre WhittyFinances

National Committees for Operations

National Committee Councilors shall be appointed by the President, with confirmation by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, to chair the following committees: Music Industry, Publications, Education, Certification, Finance, and Chapters.   These committees work collaboratively to support the operations of NPM.


The National Committee for Education advises and works with other leaders of the association regarding conventions, institutes, and other events as well as broader educational issues. The committee offers counsel on programs, faculty, schedules, clinicians, cities, administration, liturgical celebrations, and related issues. It also provides advice regarding the continuing education of NPM members and other musicians, clergy, liturgists and leaders of worship.
Ms. Karen Kane, Chair


Committee for Publications

The National Committee for Publications advises and works collaboratively with the NPM Senior Editor, Dr. Gordon E. Truitt, and other leaders of the association regarding NPM publications. These include the association’s periodical publications, such as the professional journal Pastoral Music, the members’ newsletter Pastoral Music Notebook, as well as The Liturgical Singer and the various division and section newsletters. The committee also offers advice on educational and professional materials, such as books and pamphlets, and on the NPM website.
Preston Dibble, Chair


Committee for the Music Industry

The National Committee on the Music Industry advises and works collaboratively with other leaders of the association. The committee deals with those areas where the commercial and philosophical approach to the role of music and liturgy intersect with the activities and goals of the association. That interaction is most evident at the annual conventions as well as other educational efforts by the association. The advice and counsel may include the areas of sponsorship, Expo Day, musical events, showcases, music opportunities, exhibit hours, etc.
Ms. Jennifer Odegard, Chair


Committee for Certification

The National Committee on Certification advises and works collaboratively with the NPM President and other leaders of the association in the development, promotion and evaluation of NPM certification programs. Currently these programs include certifications for organists, cantors, and full-time directors of music ministries.
Dr. Jeannie Downey-Vanover, Washington, DC, Chair 

Committee for Finance and Development

The National Committee on Finance advises and works collaboratively with the NPM President and Board of Directors in the areas of budget, finance and development. The members of the committee examine the proposed budget for each year and monitor quarterly financial reports. The committee also gives counsel on investment and audit policies to assure that the assets of the association are managed in the best interests of the members. The committee also helps in additional financial developments of the association, including the annual fund and other new initiatives.
Mr. Stephen Schad, Chair


Committee for Chapters

The National Committee for Chapters advises and works collaboratively with the NPM President and Board of Directors to coordinate the establishment of new chapters and guide the development of existing chapters.
Mr. Robert McCaffery-Lent & Ms. Mary Beaudoin, Co-Chairs