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Have some down time on this Labor Day weekend? Check out some of the top-rated sessions from the 2020 Virtual Convention!
Full Convention registrants have access to the Virtual Convention platform ( until 9/15, and we know that it can be overwhelming. But spend the next 11 days listening to these sessions as you put away laundry, do the dishes, walk the dog, or simply taking notes on the couch. It will be well worth it!
Here are some reviews from Virtual Convention-goers about our top 10 sessions to watch:
1. Building a Quality Volunteer Ensemble - Kathleen Basi
"This is a wonderful session not only for new or young leaders, but also for those who need a gentle reminder of bringing back good practices."

2. Choosing Liturgical Music with Theological Savvy- Emily Strand
"This was by far one of the best presentations that I have ever attended at NPM (I've been attending for over 20 years). No one has been able to articulate so clearly the theological criteria we need to examine as we are given the sacred task of choosing music. Brava, Emily! I appreciated her wisdom, organization of thought, and of course, humour!"

3. God’s Gonna Trouble the Water: The Healing Power of Music - ValLimar Jansen
"This was a great, great, session. ValLimar touched me in every way - spiritually, physically making me dance and cry, inspire me to learn more and do more for my community."

4. Know and Live your Catholic Faith  - Mary Birmingham
"This was Mary Birmingham at her best! Her theology and stories are succinct. She brings God to the forefront and helps us to know Him up close and personal! Conversion! Conversion! Conversion!"

5. Children’s Choirs- a Balanced Diet - Mark Doerries
"This was very applicable to our current situation. It's helpful to see how people are adapting to our new situations."

6. From Sanctuary to Screen: 6 Feet of Social Distancing or a Quarter Inch of Glass Between Us  - Tom Dragga
"Fr. Tom presented above and beyond my expectations. He addressed issues I had not considered. From the Scriptures and people he quoted, it was obvious he had prepared fully. I do not think he left a stone unturned."

7. Basic Chant for the Contemporary Musician - Steve Angrisano
"I am SOOOO glad that I participating in this live session! Such a connection and such an AMAZING presentation. NOT just for the contemporary musician but for EVERY musician!!! Thank you for including this!"

8. Preparing Sacramental Liturgies: Rubrics and Adaptations - Timothy Johnston
"This is great timing for me, as I begin to think about how to Celebrate Confirmation in small groups (and socially distanced)."

9. Out of the Mouths of Babes - Hannah Crews
"This dynamic, honest and unabashed presentation points directly to what is needed to bring more young people to the church."

10. Balancing Ministry, Music and Motherhood -Meredith Augustin and Lorraine Hess
"I could use an entire conference on this topic alone. 🙂 WONDERFULLY done!"

Thank you so much for the positive responses to our virtual convention and for your willingness to step into the unknown with us. Like many of us facing uncertainty, we at NPM are under renovation. We are re-envisioning a virtual convention experience and how it will look, while preserving much of what we all know and love from an in-person convention. As we announce the progress in the coming weeks, we ask that you approach this year with an open mind and we appreciate your patience. We want - and will - make this the best opportunity possible for everyone involved.