Nominations for NPM Chapter of the Year

This year NPM recognizes one exemplary NPM chapter as Chapter of the Year. The Membership Forum accepts nominations and determines which chapter will receive this recognition.

Anyone associated with the ministry of pastoral music (e.g., NPM member, industry personnel, clergy, diocesan personnel), and who has knowledge of the workings of a chapter, may nominate the chapter for this award. Nominations must be made in writing and should be based on the following general criteria:

The chapter leadership:

  • Provides substantial programming – four or more locally produced programs in each of the last two years with strong participation of members, either in person or virtually
  • Offers programs that are educational, musical, and spiritual, with connection to the diocese and to the community at large
  • Publicizes the work of the chapter through the “Chapter Happenings” and/or “Chapter Best Practices” columns
  • Maintains an elected Chapter Director and board / leadership team
  • Encourages a supportive relationship with the local diocese
  • Exhibits a high (or increasing) ratio of national members, especially in recruiting new NPM members in the diocese
  • Provides exemplary communications with members (newsletter, website, social media)
  • Utilizes ongoing programs for recruitment and education of local pastoral musicians
  • Meets any significant challenges to chapter development with success
  • Files the Chapter Annual Report when requested

Send letter of nomination to by May 31, 2023.