All 2023 Convention attendees also receive access to the Convention Web Platform after the convention. The Web Platform, available for all computers with an internet connection, will give attendees access to all recorded content from after the Virtual Convention (July 18-20) until September 30, 2023. These will also be indicated on the app’s agenda with a “to be recorded” flag.

Please note that this list is subject to change due to changes in speaker availability.

ALL Plenum Addresses:

  • Plenum 1: When All Else Fails, Follow the Instructions (Dr. Paul Ford)
  • Plenum 2: You’ve Gotta Make Your Own Kind of Music (Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS)
  • Plenum 3: the Song and Ritual Gifts of Servant of God Sr./Dr. Thea Bowman to Contemporary Catholics in the United States (Dr. Kim R. Harris)

Select Breakouts: July 11, 2023

  • Breakout A2: Repertoire in Context: Organ Repertoire for Liturgy and Concert (Joel Kumro)
  • Breakout A5: Introduction to Hispanic Music Ministry (Peter Kolar)
  • Breakout A8: Rivals or a Team: Clergy Musician Relationships in the 21st Century (Eileen Guenther)
  • Breakout A9: The Eucharistic Makes the Church: Pope Francis’ Theology of Eucharist (John Kyler)
  • Breakout B1: NPM Cantor Certificates: A Spiritual Journey (Dr. Gail Hartin, Dee Kittany, and Rosemarie Gondek)
  • Breakout B2: Organ Repertoire for Beginning Organists (Kelly Dobbs-Mickus)
  • Breakout B3: Exploring Ensemble Singing in Various Styles of Music (Members of Chanticleer) (Available until August 1) 
  • Breakout B6: Chant Made Practical (Steven Ottományi)
  • Breakout B8: Repertoire for the Eucharist — Adoration vs. Mass (Richard Clark)

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

  • Breakout C1: Hymns and Psalms at the Organ (David Ball)
  • Breakout C3: Does Our Eucharistic Music Need Reviving? (Tony Alonso)
  • Breakout C4: Singing the Saints (Alan Hommerding and James Michael Thompson)

Thursday, July 13, 2023

  • Breakout D1: How to Celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours with Music (James Michael Thompson)
  • Breakout D2: Understanding “Desiderio Desideravi” (Bishop Mark Seitz & Rita Thiron)
  • Breakout D5: The Cantor – The Leader of Song? (Damaris Thillet)
  • Breakout D8: Bilingual Music for Confirmation and First Communion (Jaime Cortez)
  • Breakout D9: Inculturation, Legitimacy, and Healing (Dr. Kim Harris, Peter Kolar, and Julio de León)
  • Breakout E2: The Singing Guitarist (How to Improve Your Skills) (Estela García-López and Rodolfo López)
  • Breakout E3: Lets Sing With Joy! Prescriptions for Vocal Problems (Dr. Barbara Leyden)
  • Breakout E4: Mentoring Young Musicians in our Ministries (Silvio Cuéllar)
  • Breakout E5: Communion Antiphons: Ever Ancient, Ever New (Matthew Gray, Patricia Lamb, and Michael Upward)
  • Breakout E8: Teach Music Literacy to Your Hispanic Choir (Julio de León)

Additional Events:

  • An Evening with Chanticleer (Chanticleer)
  • An Organ Concert by Dr. Jennifer Pascual (Dr. Jennifer Pascual)
  • Eucharistic Revival (Iván Dí­az and Santiago Fernández)
  • Mission Echoes: The Music of the California Missions Revived (Steven Ottományi)
  • Singing with the Saints! A Festival of Story, Scripture, and Song! (Various Artists Provided by GIA Publications)

Please note that due to contractual obligations, the concert, “An Evening with Chanticleer,” will only be available as scheduled during the Virtual Convention; no replay will be available.

Chanticleer’s Breakout session (“Exploring Ensemble Singing in Various Styles of Music”) will be available on the Convention web platform until Tuesday, August 1.