August 1, 2022

As the landscape of pastoral music changes, so do the needs of our members. Our Association’s needs in terms of networking, support, formation, and music are different than in generations past. We have spent the past number of months discerning what is best serving our members in our programming and publications, and we have received feedback about the current needs of your ministry. After much prayer and deliberation, we have decided to merge The Liturgical Singer with the offerings of NPM’s Cantor Newsletter and Notebook e-newsletter.

The Cantor Newsletter is an online newsletter edited by NPM member Susan Lovelette whose aim is similar to that of The Liturgical Singer: to support those who sing the Lord’s praises in our churches today. It is a widely popular benefit that is now available to all levels of NPM membership and is, on average, one of the highest-viewed digital communications NPM offers. Its content regularly includes psalm reflections and useful tips and tools for cantors, and will continue to do so. Other features of The Liturgical Singer will soon be accessible in NPM’s biweekly Notebook emails. To date, Notebook has been primarily a preview of upcoming events. By regularly including content such as “Liturgy Corner,” “Ask a Voice Teacher,” and “For Choir Directors” in Notebook, NPM will continue to provide exceptional resources for pastoral musicians, without requiring our members to purchase an additional subscription annually.

The Cantor Newsletter and Notebook will continue to be emailed to all NPM members on a regular basis at no additional cost. We hope that this, in turn, will save choir directors budgetary funds that were allocated to purchase multiple subscriptions of The Liturgical Singer each year for its ministers. We also hope that this will encourage all liturgical singers to join NPM to take advantage of the many formation opportunities included at the Basic level of membership. The November 2022 issue of The Liturgical Singer will be the last edition. If you are a current subscriber to The Liturgical Singer, we will reach out to you via email during the week of August 15 to offer options regarding the balance of your subscription.

This was not an easy decision to make. We know the legacy of The Liturgical Singer and acknowledge the countless pastoral musicians it has helped. But we also understand the new challenges that our pastoral musicians face in their ministries, both personnel-wise and financially. NPM will still offer exceptional formation opportunities and support our membership on multiple levels of ability, and will continue to adapt to the needs of pastoral musicians today.