Do you struggle with finding information about all of the programming NPM offers? We can help with that! The “Upcoming Programs and Events” tab holds all of the information you need. From conventions to concerts, podcasts to lectures and everything in between, “Upcoming Programs and Events” is your home base for all things NPM.

How to find this page

Click the “Formation” tab on the main toolbar. From there you’ll find a drop-down list of options. The first is “Upcoming Programs & Events”.





What to find on this page

We’ve recently started to offer a Google Calendar that houses information for every Ministry Monday episode, all convention and workshop registration deadlines, and extra events that we offer our members. You can check into this Google Calendar anytime, or add it to your own Google Calendar!


Each upcoming program or event has its own button: Skill Builders, the 2021 National Convention, Ministry Monday, our Lunchtime Concert Series, Thursday Thoughts at 3, and our partnership with LTP for “The Essentials of Catholic Liturgy”. Whenever we update or create a program, you’ll find the information you need here.