Thank you to those who joined us for “The New Traditions of Chant” workshop on Sunday evening, February 21!

The evening was a conversation and show-and-tell of West African instruments used in liturgy, presented by Brothers Justin and Cajetan. Specifically, Brothers Justin and Cajetan shared their reflections on liturgy and music at the Abbey of the Ascension (Dzogbégan, Togo). Furthermore, Brothers Justin and Cajetan shared how these instruments accompanied Gregorian chant and the way that chant has adapted to the musical traditions of West Africa.

Watch the replay here:

For musical examples of each instrument, click below:

Balafon: How To Use The Balafon (Tutorial video)

A Balafon Demonstration (video)

Gankogui Demonstration (video)

Kora demonstration (video)

Psaumes/Psalms 4, 90 and 133 (by Keur Moussa, from the Abbey of Keur Mossa in Senegal, West Africa)

Keur Moussa on YouTube