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NPM Council

The NPM Council has two purposes: to elect members to the Board of Directors and to advise and guide the Board on the direction of the Association. The Council is composed of one representative from each division and standing committee. It also includes a number of representatives elected by the members of NPM by mail ballot. Some of the elected members serve as chairs of committees of operation.

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At-Large Representatives

Ms. Mary Beaudoin (2-2016)
Rev. Stephen Bird (2-2016)
Ms. Jennifer Kerr Breedlove-Budziak (1-2014)
Mr. Jaime Cortez (1-2014)
Ms. Kate Cuddy (1-2014)
Mr. Christopher Ferraro (1-2016)
Mr. Rendell James (1-2014)
Dr. Ezequiel Menendez (1-2016)
Ms. Mary Turgeon (2-2015)

National Committees
Dr. Kathleen DeJardin, Certification (1-2014)
Dr. James A. Wickman, Education (1-2014)
Mr. Mark Lawson, Music Industry (1-2014)
Dr. Dolly Sokol, Finance (1-2016)
Ms. Jacqueline Schnittgrund,Co-chair, National Committee for Chapters
Dr. Robert Wolf,Co-chair, National Committee for Chapters

Interest Sections
Ms. Edna Argüello-Hitchner, Hispanic Musicians (1-2014)
Mr. Kevin Keil, Ensemble Musicians (1-2016)
Mr. Louis Canter, Diocesan Directors of Music (1-2014)
Ms. Valerie Lee-Jeter, African American Musicians (1-2016)
Mr. Jeremy Helmes, Pastoral Liturgy (1-2016)
Ms. Rachelle Kramer, Youth (1-2012)
Dr. Michael V. Smith, Music Education (1-2016)
Lt Col Steve Ruiz, USAF (Ret), Musicians in the Military (1-2016)
Ms. Maria Nieva, Asian Pacific Musicians (1-2016)
Ms. Margaret Matuska, Choir Directors (1-2014)
Sr. Nylas Moser, ASC, Musicians Serving Religious Communities (2-2016)
Ms. Mary Lynn Pleczkowski, Cantors (2-2016)
Mr. Lowell A. Davis, Chant (1-2016)
Ms. Angela Stramaglia, Campus Ministers (1-2016)
Mr. Preston Dibble, Organists (1-2016)
Rev. Robert Webster, Clergy (2-2014)
Mr. Tom Kendzia, Composers (1-2016)
Mr. Nicholas Dragone, Pianists (1-2016)

Ex-Officio Representatives
His Eminence Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, Episcopal Moderator
Ms. Anne A. Ketzer, Board of Directors Chair
Dr. Anne Sinclair, DMMD Division President   
Mr. Peter Maher, NPM Staff Representative

The Association President and the NPM Board members also serve on the NPM Council without a vote.


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