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NPM Awards

Jubilate Deo Award

This award has been presented annually since 1996 to honor a person who has made a significant contribution to the worship life of Catholics in the United States. 

2013   Paul Turner
2012   Kevin W. Irwin
2011   St. Louis Jesuits
2010    Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ
2009   Raymond G. East
2008   Clarence Joseph Rufus Rivers
2007    Jan Michael Joncas
2006   Jacques Berthier and the Community of Taizé
2005   Carol Doran
  2004   Frederick R. McManus
  2003   Edward Foley, CAPUCHIN
  2002   Lawrence Heiman, CPPS
  2001   Virgil C. Funk
  2000   Mary Collins, OSB
  1999   Roger Cardinal Mahony
  1998   Suzanne Toolan, RSM
  1997   Rembert Weakland, OSB
  1996   Joseph Gelineau, SJ

Pastoral Musician of the Year

Since 1996 this award has been presented to a person who demonstrates excellence in pastoral music ministry.  Before the establishment of the Jubilate Deo Award in 1996, this award was also presented to non-musicians who nonetheless were prominent leaders in liturgical ministry and made a significant contribution through their work.

2013   Howard Hughes, SM
2012   Christopher Walker
2011   Mary Jo Quinn, SCL
2010    Bob Hurd
2009   Paul Inwood
2008   Anthony J. DiCello
Mary Prete
Steven C. Warner
2007    Marty Haugen
2006   Owen Alstott
James Chepponis
Bernadette Farrell
Fred Moleck
2005   Marie Kremer
2004   Lee Gwozdz
David Haas
Rawn Harbor
2003   John A. Romeri
2002   Mary Alice O’Connor, CSJ
Mary Frances Reza
James Savage
  2001   Frank Brownstead
  2000   Robert Batastini
Eugene Engelrt
Camille Martinez, SEC
John Schiavone
  1999   Richard P. Gibala
  1998   Oliver Douberly
Charles Gardner
Patricia McCollam
Joan Tabat, OSF
  1997   Robert Kreutz
  1995   Richard Proulx
  1994   Ronald Krisman
  1993   Elaine Rendler
  1992   Lucien Deiss, CSSP
  1991   C. Alexander Peloquin
  1989   Ralph Keifer
  1987   Eugene Walsh, SS
  1985   Omer Westendorf
  1983   Jane Marie Perrot, DC


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