"NPM has helped me to grow not only as a musician but as a person of faith....As a member of NPM, I've made friends, near and far, with whom I can share 'stories of being a music minister.' It's nice to know that you don't have to figure out things on your own. Most of all, I love that the Association has continued to grow and evolve, just as the Church and its members grow and evolve."
Arlala S.
Monterey, California


NPM is an Association that supports pastoral musicians in the Church today.
By joining NPM, you will receive unparalleled educational opportunities, networking and resources to make your music ministry even stronger. 

Joining NPM: Frequently Asked Questions

What is NPM?
The National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) is a non-profit organization for professionals, volunteers, and anyone who cares about the liturgical life of the Church.


Who can join NPM?
Anyone who cares about the liturgical life of their faith community including musicians and ministers in all forms of church ministry: organists, pianists, cantors, choir directors, campus ministers, youth ministers, and clergy (just to name a few).


How can I join NPM?
Click here to join and find pricing, discounts, and membership options to fit your budget!


Why should I join?
Becoming a member of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians is quick, easy, and provides a myriad of benefits to its members. There are three tiers of membership, tailor-made to fit whatever level of music ministry you feel called in. Learn more about the membership tiers here and find which one is right for you!

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