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Monday, July 11
Tuesday, July 12
Wednesday, July 13
Thursday, July 14
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Saturday,July 16
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Wednesday, July 13
8:15 am Morning Prayer
8:45 am Annual Members’ Meeting
9:30 am Plenum: Holiness, Beauty, and Sacrament
11:00 am Breakout C
noon Cantor Adjudications
12:30 pm Lunchtime Organ Recital
1:30 pm Showcase II: WLP
3:00 pm Breakout D
3:30 pm Organ Master Class
4:30 pm Music Industry Showcase 2
5:30 pm Cantor Adjudications
5:30 pm How to Form a Chapter
7:00 pm Events 3
9:00 pm Events 4
10:30 pm Taizé Prayer

Morning Prayer
8:15 am

Let us celebrate with joy in the presence of our Lord.

Annual Meeting and Report to Members
8:45 am

Our association’s Constitution says that “the objective of this association shall be to serve the Catholic Church in the United States by:

  1. Providing education, formation, and mutual support for pastoral musicians and clergy
  2. Providing a forum for advocating musical excellence in liturgical celebrations
  3. Assisting dioceses and worshiping communities in ongoing liturgical renewal through the promotion of excellence in pastoral music

How are we doing? Our President and Board Chairperson report.and King!

Plenum: Holiness, Beauty, and Sacrament 9:30 AM

Pope Benedict XVI is quoted as saying that “I have often affirmed my conviction that the true apology of Christian faith, the most convincing demonstration of its truth . . . are the saints and the beauty that the faith has generated.” Humans need beauty; our senses long for beauty. Beauty can be a vehicle for holiness, and the arts within liturgy express the beauty that evokes or leads to holiness: signs, symbols, music.

Michael Joncas is a liturgical composer, author, speaker, and professor who has published three books, and more than 100 of his articles have appeared in publications such as Worship, Pastoral Music, and Ecclesia Orans. He has over 20 collections of liturgical music. Fr. Joncas is currently an associate professor in the Department of Theology at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota.



Breakout C
11:00 AM–NOON
Piano/Organ Institute and Composer & Text Writer Institute continue from previous sessions.

C-01 DMMD Members’ Institute: Liturgy in a Culturally Diverse Community
Mark Francis/Rufino Zaragoza, OMF
Cultural diversity affects practically all Catholic assemblies today. What are the best ways of helping all cultural groups feel welcome and an integral part of multicultural worship? Part 3 of 3

Francis Zaragoza

C-02 The Individual and the Community in African American Worship
Msgr. Ray East
It takes a village . . . to tell the stories, sing the songs, offer hope, embrace pain, correct the young, celebrate the young and the old in a unique dance between individuals and the community. Explore how all of this affects worship in African American communities.


C-03 Preaching in a Multicultural/Multilingual Community
Rev. Paul Turner
Preaching in diverse communities demands extra work in preparation and delivery. Hear new ideas and share your best ones in this interactive session.


C-04 How Important Are Quinceañera, Posadas, and Other Cultural Devotions?
Pedro Rubalcava
¡Muy importante! He aquí por qué y cómo. [Very important! Here’s why and how.]


C-05 Rejuvenating Senior Voices
Michael Kemp
It is an accepted fact. Church choirs are getting older. Lots of seniors are singing now, which is wonderful, but also a growing concern. Our choirs are beginning to sound older, but by sharing with seniors in accessible language the secrets of singing well, a 70 year old can sound decades younger. Almost all the vocal concerns of seniors can be solved.


C-06 Finding Common Ground/Embracing Differences: Singing with the Whole Church
Marty Haugen
There is so much that can separate us—age, culture, interests, language, expectations, life situations. How do we find common ground to worship together, and how do we celebrate the diversity that is the whole Church?


C-07 Promote the Singing Assembly
Jeanne Cotter
Join in exploring the necessary cantor skills of exceptional vocal production, gesture, body language, charisma, and authentic reaching toward God in open-hearted prayer.

C-08 Spirituality: Cultivating a Baptismal Spirituality in the Parish
Jerry Galipeau
Discover ways to cultivate a baptismal spirituality in the Parish so all our ways of thinking and acting can be transformed again and again! Discuss practical ways to deepen the baptismal spirituality in your parish.


C-09 Youth: Liturgical Guitar
Steve Petrunak
How can you best lead the sung prayer of the assembly as a guitarist? Learn new techniques, improvisation, and better ways to play your instrument in a liturgical setting. Bring your guitar to this hands-on workshop!


C-10 How to Form a Liturgical Ensemble/¿Cómo formar un Ensamble Músical Litúrgico? (Engl./Span.)
Jaime Cortez
Al igual que los coros, conjuntos de cantantes e instrumentos ejercen su ministerio en varias formas. Aprender estas formas y la manera de mejorar su ministerio. [Like choirs, singers and instruments minister in several ways. Learn these ways and means of improving your ministry.]


C-11 Polyphony 101 and Beyond
Christopher Walker
It rose out of melismatic organum, but it’s not just for the middle ages or baroque periods anymore. This is an introduction to polyphony and how it works—and how it works in worship today.


C-12 Working with Youth: Youth Choir Directors Maintaining and Building a Vital Youth Choir Ministry
Chris Estrella
Working with (and for) young people offers unique challenges and incredible blessings. These require a unique approach to repertoire, rehearsal, musical style, and patience! Chris will lead a hands-on dicussion of these, with word and song. Let’s breathe some youthful life into our ministries!


C-13 Chants of the Roman Missal, Part 3
Lowell Davis/Eurel Manzano/Alexis Kutarna
The preface, entry into the sacred canon of the paschal mystery! The celebrant sets the “tone” for the congregation’s participation and focus in the prayer of the canon. The preface is the celebrant’s call to the sacred moment. There are just three parts and four notes. Any celebrant’s heartfelt voice can give soul to this solemn moment. Come and learn the basics with your musician.Part 3 of 3.


C-14 And, Not Or: Cathedral Music to Worship, Teach, and Inspire in the Heart of an American Multicultural City
Crista Miller
When the bishop presides at diocesan celebrations, “the mystery of the Church is manifest.” “Solemn celebrations . . .  of this sort must be exemplary for the entire diocese” (GIRM, 22). Music at the cathedral must also be “exemplary.” Learn how this works in Houston.


C-15 NPM Cantor Certificates
Mary Lynn Pleczkowski
This workshop is for those interested in applying for one of our certificates or for anyone singing this week who wants advice. Come prepared to sing!


C-16 Can We Really Sing Bilingual Hispanic Music?
Carmen Flores Mansi
Ministry within a bilingual community can be rich and vibrant. Learn how to integrate bilingual music in a way that serves the gathered community.



Cantor Certificates: Singing
NOON–1:30 PM and 5:30–7:00 PM

The NPM Cantor certification process that began during Monday’s pre-convention activities continues with the singing portion of each certificate on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Lunchtime Organ Recital
12:30–1:00 pm

Visit First Evangelical Lutheran Church for a recital by Dorothy VanDine, graduate student of Dr. Robert Bates and former NPM Intern. Please check box on registration form; transportation provided.

SHOWCASE II: WLP — Rejoice and Be Glad!
1:30 pm
Raise your voice in song with World Library Publications composers and friends! Sing through a diverse selection of musical offerings that express our faith and will work for choirs of all sizes and skill levels. You are sure to discover quality music in many styles that will engage and inspire your choirs, your ensembles, and the assembly. All attendees will take home a resource packet filled with full-size octavos and other great samples, including a copy of ¡Celebremos! Let Us Celebrate! WLP

Breakout D
3:00 - 4:00 PM
Piano/Organ Institute and Composer & Text Writer Institute continue from previous sessions, and have an extended session ending at 5:30 pm.

D-01 Lectionary Anthem Project: Anthems for Advent and Christmas Year A, Part One
Tim Dyksinski
We will sing through anthems and motets in a variety of styles. This session will include music for Advent and Christmas as well as some music for Ordinary time.


D-02 Liturgy 101 For All
Valerie Lee-Jeter
Come one, come all for a course in liturgy 101 or “basics” for the person who hasn’t had any liturgy training. We all need to know the basic rubrics of our rites. In this session Valerie will explain why we do what we do and—more important—how to do it “rite.”


D-03 When You’re Hispanic and Your Parish Is Anglo or Vice-Versa
Greg Labus
What skills do you need to have or develop in order to minister cross-culturally? What do you need to know about the culture that is not your own? How do you find out?


D-04 Cafeteria Catholicism v. Prix-Fixe Catholicism: How to Stay Catholic
Deacon Leonard Lockett
Are we Catholics who pick and choose what to believe, or do we take the whole package without question? What are the values and the challenges in either approach?


D-05 Liturgical Formation in Religious Communities
Anthony Ruff, OSB
What’s going on with those postulants and novices, not to mention the professed religious? How are members of religious communities formed for worship? And what parts of this formation can be carried beyond the novitiate, monastery, or religious house to enrich the wider Church?


D-06 Obstacles to “Full, Conscious, Active”
Tony Alonso
Why does “full, conscious, active” participation seem so elusive? This workshop explores a series of challenges—liturgical, pastoral, and cultural—that may inhibit the sung prayer of the liturgical assembly.


D-07 Encouraging and Developing the Reluctant Singer
Bonnie Faber
Learn how to work with reluctant singers (cantor, choir, clergy) from someone who has had to do this as a school teacher, parish music director, and master voice teacher.


D-08 Living the Gospel—Bringing the Words We Sing to Life
Jeanne Cotter
Jeanne will lead a reflection on spiritual practices that can empower our ministry as both cantors and active members of the Body of Christ.


D-09 Working with Youth: Shifting Demographics in a Diverse Population
Chris de Silva
Making room for intergenerational worship provides a place of welcome and belonging. Join Chris as he discusses the challenges of preparing for such liturgies in both parish and campus communities.

de Silva

D-10 When We Sing: Simple Techniques for Conducting Children’s Choirs
Christine Jordanoff
For almost 30 years, Christine Jordanoff has been shaping the voices of young singers. Through practical and time-tested lessons and examples, she offers techniques that focus on the musical, vocal, and liturgical development of children. 


D-11 Teaching Music When People Don’t Read Music
Meg Matuska
How do you teach music when many people don’t read or speak this “language”? Here are some practical techniques to encourage people to join in singing as members of the worshiping assembly.


D-12 Liturgy Without Spirituality? – Just Entertainment
Christopher Walker
External participation is not enough; participation has to be internal as well. How do we help people join mind, heart, and spirit to the externals of rite? This full participation is the “primary and indispensable source from which the faithful are to derive the true Christian spirit” (SC, 14) that can transform the world.


D-13 “But I don’t play Spanish organ.” An Anglo Learns On the Job How to Play for the Hispanic Mass
Richard Gibala
This is a workshop for non-Spanish speakers who become responsible for directing music for Spanish liturgies. Come and share your experiences, successes and failures, to enable one another to do our bet in this important ministry.


D-14 Telling the Story of God with Handbells and Handchimes
Philip Roberts
Define and identify the effort required for successful rehearsals culminating in effective and inspiring music.


D-15 Making Piano Accompaniments Come Alive
Mark Hayes
Learn to improvise and embellish simple piano accompaniments from master improviser Mark Hayes. Learn to enhance congregational music and improve your understanding of lead sheets.



MC-03 Organ Master Class: The Accompanying Organ with Ken Cowan
3:30–5:30 PM
Clinician: Ken Cowan

Come to this clinic by Master Organist Ken Cowan where he will demonstrate how to accompany a choir, a vocal soloist, and instrumentalists using played examples and by lecture examples. Pre-registration required, Fee: $30. Limited on-site registration (if available), Fee $50.

Music Industry Showcase 2
4:30–5:30 pm

S2–01 Playing and Singing as the Beloved of God: Make Music with The Emmaus Center
David Haas
Come and explore new music (with free samples!) to serve the sung prayer of the Church, with David Haas and friends. Emmaus Center/ Music Ministry Alive!

S2-02 Children’s Choir Music and Resources Plus a Few Mixed Voice Anthems
Jim Rindelaub
Find your children's, youth and mixed voice choir anthems for the year at this reading session. New rehearsal resources including curriculum and musicals highlighted. Choristers Guild.

S2-03 Take Your Liturgy to the Next Level with the Music of Joe Mattingly and the Newman Singers
Joe Mattingly
Energize your liturgy with the music of Joe Mattingly and the Newman Singers, new music, The Art of the Psalm, The Mass of Kindly Light, On That Holy Mountain, and many more!

S2-04 Requiem for the Innocents with Franciscan Ministry of Peace
Louis Canter
Come, experience a work that reflects the cry of Rachel and the loss of children, to the reflections of women who had abortions, to the hope of reconciliation.

S2-05 An Easier Way to Schedule Ministry with Ministry Scheduler Pro
Patricia Such
Learn how to leverage technology to get more people involved in ministry, reduce no-shows, and free up your staff’s time to focus on liturgy.

S2-06 The Bees are Back with Marklin Candle
Martin Marklin
Learn about the meaning of the Exsultet, the candle it praises, and the creature it honors. This lively presentation will brighten your appreciation of Easter and deepen your respect for bees.

S2-07 Sing of God’s Mercy with Lumen Christi Ministry
Terry Piontkowski
Each liturgy is a new celebration of God’s gift. Come and sing the beautiful liturgical music you have been looking for but haven’t been able to find. A gift certificate will be raffled off at each showcase.

S2-08 New Choral Music from Hope Publishing Company
Jane Holstein
Join us for an exhilarating session of singing sacred anthems for choirs of all sizes: two part, SAB, and SATB. A complimentary packet will be provided!

S2-09 Sacred Music for the Seasons and Sacraments with International Liturgy Publications
Vincent Ambrosetti and Friends
Journey through the seasons with NEW music for choir and assembly. The highest and best from more than 120 composers and authors. Choral packet provided.

S2-10 Combine Bells and Organ with The Verdin Co.
Duane “Dewey” Kuhn
Technology of today provides the ability to combine traditional cast bell sounds with MIDI-equipped pipe or digital organ consoles.

S2-11 New Music for the Parish Choir with MorningStar Music
John Romeri
MorningStar presents new music for the church year. Selections will represent a variety of styles, voicings, instrumentations, and difficulty levels.

S2-12 Music for Advanced Choirs with ECS Publishing
Mark Lawson
Experience music for the intermediate to advanced choir from this leading publisher of classical repertoire.

S2-13 Five Compelling Ways To Get More Out of Your iPhone/iPad in Your Music Ministry with Digital Hermosa
Peter Brockmann
That picture-taking, text-messaging, phone-answering, internet-searching instrument can be a real boon to your music ministry. Explore the options.

S2-14 2016: New Choral Music for the Liturgical Year with Concordia Publishing House
David Johnson
Find out what’s new from a publisher of choral music with a proven—and highly praised—track record.

S2-15 Celebrate, Remember/Celebrar, Recordar Bilingual using Psallite with Liturgical Press
Paul Inwood
Refresh your parish repertoire for weddings and funerals with bilingual music from Psallite! Come and experience additional bilingual music that Psallite has to offer.

S2-16 Year A Psalms and Celebrations with Songs in His Presence
Jane Terwilliger, Amy Righi & Friends
Distinctive, lyrical settings of liturgical texts featuring Psalms in His Presence three-year-cycle collection. Antiphons, Masses, titles for funerals and weddings. Refreshing and reverent. Music sampler.

S2-17 New Choral Music for Liturgical Choirs: Fred Bock Music Company
Christopher Walker

S2-18 The Grateful Life with Cards by Anne
Anne Kertz Kernion
A life of gratitude is full of joy, benefiting our physical, psychological, and spiritual health. Come, explore simple ways to enhance the blessing of gratitude.

S2-19 Music from the Royal School of Church Music
Bert Landman
Come, sing through a selection of some of the best titles from The Royal School of Church Music.

S2-20 A Music Sampler with Walton Music
Michael Silhavy
In 2012, GIA Publications acquired the legendary Walton Music. We are now happy to introduce this new line of high quality music to you.


How to Form a Chapter

5:30–6:15 pm
Jackie Schnittgrund and Robert Wolf, Co-chairs of the NPM National Committee for Chapters, offer some important information on how to form an NPM chapter in your diocese, and then how to keep it going.


Events 3: 7:00-8:00 pm

Chanticleer 03-01
Chanticleer A special performance . . . just for NPM . . . by the world-acclaimed a cappella men’s chorus Chanticleer. Founded in San Francisco in 1978, Chanticleer is known around the world as “an orchestra of voices” for the seamless blend of its twelve male voices ranging from countertenor to bass and its original interpretations of vocal literature, from Renaissance to jazz, and from gospel to venturesome new music. There will be two opportunities to hear and see Chanticleer on Wednesday evening in a venue that permits these voices to be heard without amplification.

Sign up for this event on the Registration Form. This is a ticketed event; fee $15. Please note that seating is limited for this event.

CAAM Choir at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart 03-02
Conducted by Dr. James Abbington

Hear the voices of the Catholic African American Mass Choir of the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese led by Dr. James Abbington in an uplifting concert of African American sacred music, anthems, spirituals, traditional, and contemporary gospel music. Presented by GIA Publications, Inc.


Events 4: 9:00-10:00 pm

Chanticleer 04-01
This special performance is the same as Event 03-01 listed above. Sign up for this event on the Registration Form. This is a ticketed event; fee $15. Please note that seating is limited for this event.


“I Will Live On: Sung Prayer for the Journey of Grief and Loss” 04-02
Presented by David Haas

Come join David and friends for a time to pause, sing, pray, reflect, and lean into the journey of grief and loss—pointing to the promise of healing and restoration. Presented by GIA Publications, Inc.


Short songs sung over and over again that, in a few words and memorable tunes, express a basic reality, quickly grasped by the mind. The Bible is read. At the center of every prayer service, a long moment of silence offers an irreplaceable opportunity to encounter God. This is Taizé Prayer.



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