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Monday, July 6
Tuesday, July 7
Wednesday, July 8
Thursday, July 9
Friday,July 10
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Wednesday, July 8
7:00 am Daily Mass
8:15 am Office of Readings
9:00 am Plenum: Singing, Then Sending
10:00 am Exhibits Open
10:45 - 11:45 am Breakout C
10:45 am - noon Institutes Continue
12:15 - 3:00 pm Cantor On-Site Singing Adjudications
12:30 - 1:00 pm Lunchtime Organ Recital
1:30 - 2:30 pm OCP Showcase
3:00 - 3:45 pm Music Industry Showcase 3
3:15 – 5:15 pm Organ Master Class
Institutes Continue
4:15 - 5:15 pm Breakout D
4:45 - 6:30 pm How to Form a Chapter
8:00 pm Dinner and the Symphony

Office of Readings
8:15 am

"Prayer should accompany 'the reading of sacred Scripture so that there may be a conversation between God and his people' . . . . For this reason, the office of readings consists [of biblical and non-biblical texts and] psalms, a hymn, a prayer, and other texts, giving it the character of true prayer." General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours, 56

Plenum | Joy and Hope, Grief and Anguish: Singing, then Sending
9:00 am
Ronald Patrick Raab, csc

"The joy and hope, the grief and anguish of the people of our time, especially those who are poor or afflicted in any way, are the joy and hope, the grief and anguish of the followers of Christ as well" (Gaudium et Spes, 1). Celebrating the Liturgy, of its very nature as an act to be completed in the kingdom of God, calls us to change and to be more than we think we are. It calls us, as sisters and brothers, to social outreach. How does liturgy transform us to be people of justice, so that the words from Gaudium et Spes make a difference in us and in our world?


Breakout C
10:45 am

C-01 DMMD Institute Continues
Pearl Shangkuan

Rehearsal for Wednesday Night Performance with the Grand Rapids Symphony.


C-02 Music in the New Rite of Marriage
Alan Hommerding

There are new options and possibilities for music in the revised Rite of Marriage. This session will explore music in this rite, with suggestions for repertoire provided.


C-03 The Great Classic Chant Hymns
Columba Kelly, OSB

Practice singing a basic repertoire of classic Latin hymns, some english language adaptions, and the four classic Latin Marian Antiphons.


C-04 The Power of Poetic and Creative Texts in Liturgical Celebration
Lori True and David Haas

In recent years we have seen powerful and challenging hymn and song texts coming from poets and text writers such as Brian Wren, Mary Louise Bringle, Sr. Delore Dufner,and many others.  This session will explore the poetry and theology of some of these creative texts; explore musical settings by various composers; share how these settings can be utilized for celebrations of the Eucharist, as well as for other liturgical and sacramental celebrations; and celebrate the ecumenical bridges that can be forged. 


C-05 Mass 101: Why We Do What We Do at Mass
Evan Snyder

Take a trip beyond the practical and technical aspects of music ministry, and delve deeper into the history, meaning, and spirituality of what pastoral musicians do at Mass.


C-06 Gospel Style Piano
M. Roger Holland II

Black gospel music incorporates elements from myriad genres, yet at its core is rooted in th eblues. This session will survey techniques, repertoire, and idiomatic characteristics that will help you facilitate the gospel style into your playing.


C-07 Warming Up Church Choirs
Michael Kemp

What should warm-ups accomplish? Stimulate enthusiasm and reboot specific singing skills. These concepts can be your pathway to better sounding, more motivated singers and more efficient rehearsals.


C-08 Techniques to Ring God's Praise
Philip Roberts

"Hands on" class where all techniques of handbells are discussed and properly demonstrated.


C-09 Brass and the Ensemble
Curtis Stephan

Learn the Strengths and subtleties of brass instruments in ensembles, and how to use them effectely in liturgy.


C-10 Music and the Shape of the Liturgy
Steven Janco

How does liturgical music serve and express the structure of the liturgy and the contours of the liturgical year? How can we make sure that our choices don't bend things out of shape?


C-11 English- and Spanish-Language Bilingual Repertoire
Peter Kolar

Explore established and recently-composed repertoire that will engage your Spanish-and English-speaking communities when worshiping together as one assembly.


C-12 Composers' Forum Part 2
Tom Kendzia and Panel

Read more.


C-13 Cantor Techniques for Music Making and Ministry


C-14 The Tools We Mortals Use 
Steve Warner

Melodies, instruments, harmonies, they are all parts of one palette. How best to use all these tools.


C-15 Composing for the Assembly
Dan Schutte

In this session we will explore the parameters and judgements that come into play when composing music intended to help an assembly pray. By means of example we will discuss how a liturgical piece of music comes into being and what elements are needed to foster full, conscious, and active participation among the faithful. 



Cantor Certificates: Singing
12:15–3:00 pm

NPM offers its cantor and psalmist members certificates at three levels: basic (BCC), intermediate (ICC), and colleague (CCC). These certificates affirm that a candidate has achieved fundamental or developed skills expected of cantors/psalmists serving Roman Catholic parishes. Each level includes adjudication of demonstrated skills at singing and leading a congregation. Members have the opportunity at this convention to complete this adjudication as well as the required written exam (see Preconvention).

Pre-registration required; space is limited; no on-site registration. Application deadline: June 15, 2015. More information.

Lunchtime Organ Recital
12:30–1:00 pm

Visit beautiful St. Mark Episcopal Church for a performance on the wonderful Walker tracker organ by David Enos, organist at St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic Church, Bloomfield Hills.

Plenum | OCP Showcase
1:30–2:30 pm
Arise and Sing!
Join OCP staff and composers as together we sing through music that will lead your communities in worship. Reflecting the breadth of music and cultural styles published by OCP, the showcase will feature pieces for the entire liturgical year. A generous selection of music is our gift to you for attending.

Music Industry Showcase 3
3:00–3:45 pm

S3-01 Joe Mattingly and the Newman Singers: Music for Liturgy and Life.
Take your sound to the next level with the exciting sounds of the Newman Singers. New Titles and Classics from Joe Mattingly and the Newmnan Singers.

S3-02 Maximizing Our Creativity.
Neuroscience reasearch has discovered some very effective ways to enhance our creativity. Come learn these simple techniques that get our juices flowing! Cards by Anne.

S3-03 New Choral Music from Hope.
Join us for an exhilarating session of singing sacred anthems for two-part, SAB, SATB choirs. A complimentary packet will be provided. David Weck and Jane Holstein, Hope Publishing Company.

S3-04 A Song for Every Reason and Season.
Discover the industry gem that everyone has been taolking aboout! Come and sing the beautiful liturgical music you have been looking for but haven't been able to find. - A gift certificate will be raffeled off at each showcase. Terry Piontkowski, Lumen Christi Ministries
S3-05 New Music for the Parish Choir.
MorningStar presents new music for the Church Year. Selections will present a variety of styles, voicings, instrumentations, and difficulty levels. Mark Lawson, Morning-Star Music Publishers.

S3-06 Music for Advanced Choirs.
Experience music for the intermediate to advanced choir from this leading Publisher of classical repertoire. Paul French, ECS Publishing.

S3-07 New Chant Settings for the Entrance and Communion Antiphons.
Discover beautiful, new, simple chant settings in English for all the Sundays and Solemnities of the liturgical year. The Liturgical Press.

S3-08 A Light for My Path: Praying the Psalms on the Way to the Cross.
Come explore this fresh approach to the Stations of the Cross, connecting the Book of Psalms and the Gospel of Christ's Passion and Death. Michael Ruzicki, Liturgy Training Publications.

S3-09 An Easier Way to Schedule Ministry.
Learn how to leverage technology to get more people involved in ministry, reduce no-shows and free up your staffs' time to focus on liturgy. Max Garcia, Ministry Scheduler Pro.

S3-10 Five Compelling Ways to Get More out of Your iPhone/iP ad in Your Music Ministry.
iPhones and iPads are powerful digital tools, but how can they make a difference for a pastoral musician. Come meet the developer of NPM's convention app and learn how. Peter Brockman.

S3-11 Songs in His Presence: Year C Psalms and Celebrations.
Refreshing lyrical responsorial Psalmody. Join in the prayerfulness of beautifully crafted lectionary Psalm settings and other unique titles by the composer group Songs in His Presence. Jane Terwilliger, Songs in His Presence.

S3-12 Choral Music for the Church Year.
Come to a choral reading session for the Church year with Concordia Publishing House, Concordia Publishing House.

S3-13 I Will Live On: Music for Ritual Celebration & Spirituality.
Come join David and other composer friends of the Emmaus Center to pray and sing through new liturgical songs, psalms, hymns, and other ritual pieces to serve the prayer of the body of Christ. David Haas, Lori True, Zach Stachowski, Emmaus Center.

S3-14 New Choral Music for Liturgical Choirs.
Presenting new and inspiring choral resources for liturgical choirs. Fred Bock Music Company.

Organ Master Class MC-07

3:15–5:15 PM
Clinician: Huw Lewis

This master class is open to all organists who wish to perform for the group or to attend the session to observe. Play liturgical music, organ repertoire suitable for church and recital, at any level. Non-organists are certainly welcome. Cilincian will address all aspects of organ playing. Welsh-born organist Huw Lewis has taught at Hope College of Music since 1990. He performs nationally and internationally on a regular basis and has been featured at the American Guild of Organists and the Royal College of Organists. Pre-registration required; space is limited. Fee $30. Limited on-site registration (if available) $50.

Breakout D

4:15 - 5:15 PM

D-01 DMMD Institute Continues
Pearl Shangkuan

The Institute Continues (Dress Rehearsal for the concert tonight)


D-02 Presiding at the New Marriage Rites
Richard Hilgartner

With a new ritual text come new opportunities for a fresh approach to celebrating the rite.  We will examine and discuss new elements of the rite and explore “best practices” for enacting and celebrating the Rite of Marriage effectively.

Priests and Deacons

D-03 Introducing Chant into Your Parish: The Communion Antiphon and Psalm, Part 1
Charles Thatcher

The texts, responsorial form, and reflective nature of chanted antiphons make them ideal for Communion. Explore simple ways of integrating choral and congregational antiphons into the repertoire.


D-04 Gold Tested in Fire: A New Pentecost for the Priesthood
Karl L. Pung

Responding to the movements of God in our parishes and personal lives leads us deeper into the Pascal Mystery and saving power of God.  What are the conditions for Pentecost?  


D-05 Share, Serve, and Love: The Mission We Are Charged With
Evan Snyder

Join a discussion on how we live out our baptismal call to service in a church that embraces a myriad of cultural, linguistic, and social contexts, but one common mission.


D-06 From Piano to Organ? Yes!
Alan Hommerding

A one-session introduction to the organ for pianists. Included will be basics of how the organ works, beginning pedal technique, and service playing.


D-07 Revitalizing Older Voices in Our Church Choirs
Michael Kemp

Church choirs are aging, but most vocal problems of older singers are due to slipping physical habits, which can be rehabilitated. Through accessible language learn how to help your senior singers sound younger and how to solve their vocal concerns.


D-08 Liturgical Repertoire to Get You Started
Philip Roberts

Ring examples of new handbell repertoire and install excitement in some older pieces by introducing creative beginnings and endings.


D-09 Liturgical Instrumentalists
Elaine Rendler-McQueeney

Do your instrumentalists have great heart, but lack know how? Learn how to unite a group of musicians into an effective liturgical ensemble.


D-10 Organ Music in Worship: Registration
Lynn Trapp

Study principles of organ registration for music in worship.         

Beginning Organist

D-11 The Fine Art of Administering a Church Music Program
Mark Lawson

Managing an active music ministry is an art. This session will focus on how to use solid management techniques to help improve the experience.

Music Director

D-12 Arranging and Accompanying Hispanic Music
Peter Kolar

Arrangers, music directors, and ensemble players: learn how to bring to life music in Hispanic styles! Specific ensemble and accompanying techniques will be offered so that the music can "speak" to your assembly beyond mere language.


D-13 Ever Ancient, Ever New
Tony Alonso

Responsiveness to the emerging needs of the church need not result in abandoning the richness of tradition. This workshop will explore musical (especially compositional) strategies for incorporating hymnody, chant and other familiar melodies into contemporary liturgical music.


D-14 A Real-Life Spirituality for Cantors
Kathleen Harmon, SND de N

How our ministry as cantor shapes our daily Christian living, and how our daily Christian living impacts our ministry.


D-15 Spiritual Care for Your Choir and Music Ministers
Christopher Walker

An active spiritual life linked to music, helps us to be authentic and inspiring. Explore this through personal prayer to rehearsal to Sunday worship.



Institutes Continue
3:15–5:45 pm
Cantor, Choir Director, DMMD

How to Form a Chapter

5:45–6:30 pm
"Chapters" are NPM's presence at the diocesan level. Come and learn what they are, how they work, and how your diocese could benefit from a local NPM Chapter.


Evening Event Five
8:00 pm
Plenum | Dinner and the Symphony!
David Lockington, Music Director of the Grand Rapids Symphony
Pearl Shangkuan, Chorus Director for the Grand Rapids Symphony Chorus

Grand Rapids has a well-deserved reputation for its dining scene, and we have arranged with many of the fine downtown restaurants for a significant discount if you show your NPM convention badge. (The list will be available when you get to Grand Rapids.) So grab a friend or meet with your Chapter and make a night of it: Dinner on the town and then the Grand Rapids Symphony, featuring the DMMD Institute Choir under the direction of Pearl Shangkuan.


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