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Convention Overview
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Pre-convention Events
Monday, July 14
Tuesday, July 15
Wednesday, July 16
Thursday, July 17
Friday,July 18
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Wednesday, July 16
7:00 am Daily Eucharist
8:00 am Registration Opens
8:15 am Morning Prayer
9:00 am Plenum: Embracing Good News: The Call to Conversion
10:00 am Exhibits Open
10:45 am Institutes Continue
Breakout C
12:30 pm Lunchtime Organ Recital
Cantor On-Site Singing Adjudication
1:30 pm GIA Showcase
3:00 pm Organist Master Class
3:15 pm Institutes Continue
Breakout D
4:45 pm How to Form a Chapter
7:00 pm Evening Events 05
9:00 pm Evening Events 06
10:00 pm Late Night Expo II

Wednesday, July 16 ... is Deacon Day!

The ministry of deacons, especially permanent deacons, has grown throughout the past three decades. We invite all deacons to join us especially on Wednesday at the St. Louis Convention to explore your role in the liturgy and how to connect the ministries of Eucharist and service to those in need. The day includes the plenum talk, two workshops designed for you and led by Deacon William Ditewig, prayer, evening events, and attendance in the exhibit hall. Invite the deacons who serve your parish to join us on Wednesday—and all week!

Wednesday, July 16 ... is Youth Day!

While we hope high school and college age youth will choose to attend the entire St. Louis Convention, Wednesday is designed especially for those who can only join us on one day. With “youth only” workshops and evening events that include a performance by a choir made up of students from St. Louis Catholic high schools and a contemporary concert led by Ed Bolduc, this day is an opportunity to join other young people involved in liturgical music ministry. Come and bring a friend!

Wednesday, July 16 ... is T-Shirt Day!

“Proclaim Good News” is the invitation from this year’s Convention not only to NPM members but from us to the whole world. T-Shirt Day at the convention gives us a chance to proclaim that message in a unified way to each other and to those who might see us at the hotels and on our way to the evening events. Be sure to order your T-shirt in advance by checking the proper box on the registration form.


Daily Eucharist 7:00 am

Eucharist is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Morning Prayer
8:15 AM
“O Lord, open my lips and my mouth shall proclaim your praise.” (Psalm 51:17)

Plenum 9:00 - 10:00 AM
Embracing Good News: The Call to Conversion
Ann Garrido


For forty years, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults has taught us what conversion means, and it has shown us that if we are to foster conversion in others, we must experience and live it ourselves. Authentic conversion requires that we become disciples first and then ministers; discipleship requires conversion of heart. Out of our own experience, how do we invite others to discover the Mystery at the center of life?

Hear what Dr. Ann Garrido—catechist, theologian, and associate professor of homiletics at Aquinas Institute—has to say.


Breakout Sessions 10:45 - noon

Scripture, Keyboard, Composer & Text Writers Institutes and Catholic Liturgical Ministry Boot Camp continue from Monday morning pre-convention sessions and DMMD Institute continues from Monday afternoon.

C-01  The Triduum through Fresh Eyes: Pray and Reflect on the Rites, Part 3
Ed Hislop and Paul Turner

A continuation of A-01 and B-01. For DMMD members only.

DMMD Institute

C-02  Fostering Conversion of Heart in Ourselves and Our Assemblies
James Telthorst

Plan the liturgy in ways that invite the conversion to which we are called as liturgical ministers and that will invite the members of our assemblies to live the Gospel more deeply, too.

Music Directors

C-03  Principles of Singing Chant
Columba Kelly, OSB

Come and learn the foundations that we need to sing the chant of the Church.


C-04  The Deacon: Connecting the Table of the Eucharist with the Table of the Poor
William Ditewig

From the earliest days of the Church, the deacon has been the minister who gives direction to the assembly gathered for Eucharist and connects our celebration of Eucharist with the needs of the poor. Explore this history and its practical applications for our day.

Deacon Dayl

C-05  Through All Generations
David Haas and Lori True

For the past decade music ministers have tried all we can think of to get youth involved in the liturgy of the Church. What has worked? What has not? Are “teen liturgies” sustaining young people past high school? Explore ways to move forward toward liturgies that bring generations together for prayer.

Adults working with Youth

C-06  Merging, Clustering, Closing Parishes, Part 2: Rituals
Michael Weldon, OFM

As Catholics with a sacramental consciousness, we need to ritualize the changes in parish life that call us to die and rise with Jesus Christ.

Liturgical Leaders

C-07 Techniques to Produce Choral Sound and Prayer
Paul French

A many-faceted and practical approach to helping your choirs sound better, sing in tune, and connect their singing to prayer. Geared to the adult choir, but with applications for both the youngest and most elderly voices in your ensembles.

Choir Directors

C-08  Building a Timeless Music Library
John Romeri

Music to serve your choir and your assemblies that surpasses all time.

Choir Directors

C-09  Mix, Match, and Make
Kevin Keil and Gael Berberick

Learn how to mix ‘n’ match the instruments and voices in your parish ensemble to create lovely sonorities that will encourage the assembly to sing.

Ensemble Musicians

C-10  Organ Improvisation
Horst Buchholz

A gifted improvisationist and clinician shares tools that will assist your ability to improvise at the organ in service of the liturgy.

Advanced Organist

C-11  From Piano to Organ in One Session
Alan Hommerding

Everything you need to know to transition from the piano keyboard to the organ bench.


C-12  The FDLC Document: “Liturgy in a Culturally Diverse Community: A Guide Toward Understanding,” Part 1
Mark Francis, csv

Principles to assist the parish musician, liturgist, clergy, or other pastoral minister plan liturgies that promote the full, conscious, and active participation of everyone in a culturally diverse assembly.

Diocesan Music Directors

C-13  Cantor 101: What Every Cantor Needs to Know about Chanting the Psalms
Kathleen Harmon, SND DE N

The basics that will foster your ability to proclaim the Word of God in song and lead the assembly gathered for worship.


C-14  The Psalms in the Liturgy, Part 2
Michel Guimont

A continuation of B-14.


C-15  Music for Holy Week
Jerry Galipeau

 Resources to help your community pray these liturgies at the heart of our liturgical year.

Liturgy: The Rites

C-16  Led by the Gospel: Preaching in Times of Crisis
Ronald Raab, csc

At all times we are to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ: easier to do in good times and more difficult to do in times of crisis and pain. Explore insights about how to preach the Gospel effectively in all times and seasons of life.


C-17  The Liturgical Tool Box
Bryan Schamus and Rachelle Kramer

For youth only. Do you plan liturgies at your school, parish or campus ministry, or want to learn how?  Learn important church documents and resources every liturgical musician should know when planning worship.  Practical applications and current experiences will be applied. 

Youth Only

C-18  How To Empower the Song of the Assembly
Paul Westermeyer

 An experienced minister of music shares wisdom about how to empower your assembly's song and worship.

Music Directors


Lunchtime Organ Recital
12:30 - 1:00 PM

Christ Church Cathedral. Organist: Nick Botkins

Cantor Certificate On-Site Singing Adjudications

12:30 - 3:00 PM

Cantors may complete requirements for all the NPM Cantor Certificates during the 2014 Annual Convention.

  • The BCC, ICC, and CCC written exams, excepting the CCC Liturgy exam, may be completed Monday, July 14, NOON - 1:00 PM
  • The singing portion will be offered on Wednesday, July 16, 12:30 - 3:00 PM and Thursday, July 17, NOON - 3:00 PM

Registrations are limited. Pre-registration required; no on site registration. Application Deadline; postmarked by June 20, 2014. More information and applications for certification at the convention.

GIA Showcase
Sing Good News
1:30 - 2:30 PM

Join your voices with GIA composers and friends as we sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs along with a collection of anthems for choirs and ensembles. Experience GIA’s newest liturgical music with the best choir in the country—YOU!

Breakout Sessions 3:15 - 4:30 pm

Scripture, Keyboard, Composer & Text Writers Institutes and Catholic Liturgical Ministry Boot Camp continue from previous sessions; however, this breakout ends at 5:15 PM for those Institutes.

D-01 Lectionary Anthem Project Year B, Part 1
Tim Dyksinski

A reading session with anthems for Lent, Holy Week, Triduum, Easter Season, and Pentecost that will serve and challenge your choirs!


D-02  Many Spokes, One Center
Grayson Warren Brown

 This session is designed to help all of the ministries of the Church point in a single direction. It examines reasons why all ministries must have a clear understanding of just how each ministry is related to the other, since collectively all are related to Christ. It also examines some of the “turf wars” that often undermine the work of the parish and looks at ways to avoid these conflicts. What role can music play to unite parish ministries?

Music Directors

D-03  Simple English Propers for the Congregation
Columba Kelly, OSB

Resources that will assist your assembly in full, conscious, and active participation by means of chant.


D-04  The Role of the Deacon in the Liturgy
William Ditewig

Explore the ways in which the deacon serves the People of God in the liturgy, from celebrating the Eucharist to other sacramental and liturgical celebrations.

Deacon Day

D-05  The Needs of Our Members in Their 20s and 30s
Angela Stramaglia

Every generation is unique. What do 20- and 30-year-olds seek and need, and what gifts do they bring to the table? Come and find out!

Campus Ministry

D-06  Navigating Revised Ritual Books
Richard Hilgartner

Revisions are on their way. Discover what they are and how to use the revised books to serve the liturgy and the People of God.

Liturgy: The Rites

D-07  Basic Conducting Techniques
David Anderson

New to this craft and ministry? Discover resources that will help you lead your choir in prayer and song.

Beginning Conductors

D-08  Working with the Mature Voice
Kathleen DeJardin

Practical tools that you can use to help the mature singer produce a fine choral or cantor sound.

Choir Directors

D-09  Selecting Repertoire for the Liturgical Year
Gael Berberick

Decisions! Fresh approaches to choosing ensemble repertoire that engages the assembly to sing to the Lord with joy-filled hearts and minds.

Ensemble Musicians

D-10 (See Organist Master Class) MC-01


D-11  An Inclusive Parish Music Program: People, Styles, and More
Kate Cuddy

The Body of Christ is very diverse in age, culture, style, theology, and more. Discover ways to reflect this diversity in your parish music program.

Music Directors

D-12  The FDLC Document: “Liturgy in a Culturally Diverse Community: A Guide Toward Understanding,” Part 2
Mark Francis, csv

A continuation of C-12.

Diocesan Music Directors

D-13  Animating the Assembly
Olfary Gutierrez

Motivate and empower your assembly to sing the Liturgy as fully, consciously, and actively as possible.

Cantors Bilingual

D-14  The Psalms in the Unfolding of the Word, Part 1
J. Michael Joncas, Tony Alonso, and Marty Haugen

Psalms allow us to cry out before God in every season of life. Join us as we uncover the richness of psalm singing by exploring a variety of forms and styles.

Psalm Study for Cantors

D-15  Music for Weddings
Alan Hommerding

Repertoire that will help couples and assemblies celebrate the Rite of Marriage

Liturgy: The Rites

D-16  Clergy and Musicians Working Together
Mary Jo Quinn, scl, and  Ed Hislop

A pastor and musician offer insights into the what, the why, and the how of collaboration in a pastoral setting. 


D-17  Say Not That I Am Too Young—The Christian Leader
Rachelle Kramer and Bryan Schamus

Do you think of yourself as a leader? When we pray, sing, speak, read and serve at Mass from our pew or from the rafters we are leaders called to evangelize. Come spend some time reflecting on on your God-given gifts and strengths to build your leadership skills that can better serve your community or campus in prayer.

Youth Only

D-18  How Technology Helps the Music Director, Part 1: From Social Networking to Software
Joseph Balistreri

Technology friendly? Technology fearful? Discover what is available to improve your ministry.


Organist Master Class
3:00–5:00 pm
Clinician: Jeffrey Neal Blersch

Open to all organists who wish to perform for the group or to attend the session to observe; non-organists also welcome. Play liturgical music and organ repertoire suitable for church and recital at any level. If you wish to play for the class, please submit the title of your choice of music by mail to Fr. Paul Colloton, OSFS, NPM, 962 Wayne Avenue #210, Silver Spring, MD 20910-4461 by June 1, 2014. Space is limited. Pre-registration required, Fee $30. Limited on-site registration (if available): Fee $50.


How to Form a Chapter
4:45–5:45 pm

Jackie Schnittgrund and Robert Wolf, Chairs of the NPM National Committee for Chapters, offer some important information on how to start an NPM chapter in your area, and then how to keep it going.


7:00 –8:00 pm

Catholic High School Choristers in Concert 05-01
Dr. James Henry

Under the direction of Dr. Jim Henry, associate professor of music and director of choral studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the Festival Choir was formed specifically for our 2014 Convention. Members were personally selected by their schools’ directors, and they represent the finest vocal students from all 27 Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Music She Wrote: A Celebration of Women Composers 05-02

Experience the richness of Catholic musical repertoire written by women. Under the direction of Jennifer Kerr Breedlove-Budziak, this multicultural hymnfest presentation explores music by such gifted composers as Kathleen Demny, Marcy Weckler Barr, Denise Pyles, Noelle Garcia, Lisa Stafford, Danielle Rose, Donna Peña, Damaris Thillet, Dolores Hruby, Jennifer Kerr Breedlove-Budziak, Karen Schneider-Kirner, Jalonda Robertson, and more. Sponsored by World Library Publications.

9:00 –10:00 pm

All the Ends of the Earth: A Contemporary Fest 06-01

Lend your voice to some of the best contemporary Catholic liturgical music! This sixty-minute interactive song fest, led by Ed Bolduc and other fine musicians, will enlighten your soul through song and help you discover assembly-friendly music that you can replicate in your own parish. Sponsored by World Library Publications.

A Festival for Organ and Brass 06-02

This unique concert opportunity, featuring Lynn Trapp, Susan Slaughter, and members of the St. Louis Symphony, presents sacred music for organ and brass and includes several settings that involve congregational singing. Sponsored by MorningStar Music Publishers.


Late Night Expo II
10:00 PM–12:00 Midnight

Gather at the Exhibit Hall at the end of this exciting day. Join in the excitement of the last-minute bidding at the NPM Silent Auction. Enjoy some snacks provided by our exhibitors while you enjoy shopping and checking out the outstanding variety of products and services available for you and your ministry. Cash bar available.


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