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Convention Overview
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Pre-convention Events
Monday, July 14
Tuesday, July 15
Wednesday, July 16
Thursday, July 17
Friday,July 18
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Tuesday, July 15
7:00 am Daily Eucharist
8:00 am Registration Opens
8:15 am Morning Prayer
9:00 am Plenum: Claim Your Art, Proclaim Good News
10:00 am Exhibits Open
10:45 am Diocesan Directors of Music Institute
Institutes Continue
Breakout B
12:30 pm DMMD Members' Meeting
12:30 pm Lunchtime Organ Recital
1:30 pm WLP Showcase
3:00 pm Interest Section Meetings
4:45 pm Music Industry Showcase 2
7:00 pm Evening Events 03
9:00 pm Evening Events 04
10:15 pm Taizé Prayer


Daily Eucharist 7:00 am

Eucharist is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


Morning Prayer
8:15 AM
Memorial of Saint Bonaventure, bishop and doctor of the church.

Plenum Address 9:00 AM
Claim Your Art, Proclaim Good News
Paul Westermeyer

Pastoral musicians are artists and preachers. Our lives are transformed through the art of music and liturgy, and we become sacraments of the encounter with Jesus Christ. As artists, we need passion: We need to lose ourselves in our art. What kind of time and energy does that require? For if we are to minister, we must claim our art and feed our artist’s soul.
Dr. Paul Westermeyer is professor of Church Music at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he also serves as Cantor for the Seminary community and administers the Master of Sacred Music Program. A musician and pastor, he is the 2014 recipient of NPM’s Jubilate Deo Award.


Diocesan Directors of Music Institute I-05
Liturgy in a Culturally Diverse Community: A Guide to Understanding
Clinician Mark Francis, CSV
10:45–12:00 noon

Diocesan music directors only. Discover how the principles inherent in truly multicultural liturgies can help diocesan directors of music craft diocesan liturgies that promote full, conscious, and active participation by everyone in a culturally diverse assembly. Pre-registration required; limited to Diocesan Directors of Music. No on-site registration.


Breakout Sessions 10:45 - noon

Scripture, Keyboard, Composer & Text Writers Institutes and Catholic Liturgical Ministry Boot Camp continue from Monday morning pre-convention sessions and DMMD Institute continues from Monday afternoon.

B-01  The Triduum through Fresh Eyes: Pray and Reflect on the Rites, Part 2
Paul Turner and Ed Hislop

A continuation of A-01. For DMMD members only.

DMMD Institute

B-02  The Artistry of Liturgy, Part 2
John Foley, SJ

A continuation of A-11.

Music Directors

B-03  Chant as Full, Conscious, and Active Participation
Paul Ford

Discover how chant empowers the full, conscious, and active participation in the liturgy called for by the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy.


B-04  Music for Equal Voices: SSA/SSAA or TTB/TTBB
Alan Hommerding

Resources that will serve choirs comprising these equal voice mixings.

Serving Religious Communities

B-05  Tools to Evaluate the Texts We Sing
Mary Frances Fleischaker, OP

We are what we sing. Collect tools to help us evaluate the texts we sing during the liturgy to deepen our identity as disciples of Jesus Christ in the contemporary world.

Music Directors

B-06  Merging, Clustering, Closing Parishes, Part 1: Processes
Michael Weldon, OFM

Explore what needs to be considered in the sensitive situations that many parishes and dioceses are facing.

Liturgical Leaders

B-07  Techniques to Improve Sound and Blend
John Romeri

A gifted choir director shares tried and true techniques to help improve the sound and the blend of your choir.

Choir Directors

B-08  Choir Rehearsal as Spiritual Direction/Formation
Christopher Walker

Our times of rehearsal can also provide spiritual direction and formation for our choir members.

Choir Directors

B-09  Repertoire for Liturgical Pianists
Mark Hayes

Piano resources that will help you serve the liturgy and your assemblies better.


B-10  Effective Practice Techniques
Adam Brakel

Effective techniques to build your repertoire and technical facility quickly, accurately, and effectively.


B-11  The Gift to the Church of Martin Hellriegel
Marie Kremer, Nicholas Schneider, and Martin Marklin

Martin Hellriegel gave concrete expression to the liturgical renewal. Known as the author of the text “To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King,” he also gave us much more. Discover these treasures.

Liturgical Roots

B-12  Bilingual Repertoire that Can Help Every Music Director
Peter Kolar

Familiarize yourself with bilingual resources that can serve the liturgy in a variety of settings.


B-13  Cantor Mini Retreat: Spirituality, Coaching, and Techniques, Part 2
ValLimar Jansen

A continuation of A-13.


B-14  The Psalms in the Liturgy, Part 1
Michel Guimont

An exploration of the different ways to sing the psalms and their use in the various liturgies of the Church.


B-15  Music and the Mass: Rite by Rite and Step by Step, Part 2
Lori True and David Haas

A continuation of A-17.

Liturgy: The Rites

B-16  Preaching to Help the People Live the Mystery We Celebrate
James Telthorst

The homily is meant to connect liturgy with the rest of life. A gifted preacher and presider offers practical suggestions about how to make this connection.


B-17  Making the Lenten Journey Through Scripture and Music
Bob Hurd

The Lenten Season is filled with journeys: into the wilderness, up the mountaintop to be transfigured, life-changing encounters with Jesus while he journeys to Jerusalem to die. How can pastoral ministers enable their assemblies to make these stories their own? By way of song and reflection, Bob explores the Scriptures of the season.

Liturgy: The Rites

B-18  Need Some Help with Lent and the Triduum?
Richard Hilgartner and Michael Ruzicki

Paschale Solemnitatis #5 states that the Easter Triduum should be “celebrated in the best possible way so that the faithful may participate in it with ever greater spiritual advantage.” In order to achieve this, clergy, liturgists, and pastoral musicians must team together and animate the faithful in assisting with the various tasks required of Lent and Holy Week. This session will describe ways in which members of the pastoral staff and parish community can be co-laborers in the preparation and celebration of the various liturgies. Staying out of the way is not an option anymore!
Liturgy: The Rites


Lunchtime Organ Recital
12:30 - 1:00 PM

Christ Church Cathedral. Organist: Gereon Krahforst.

DMMD Members’ Meeting

12:30 - 1:30 PM

WLP Showcase
Find Faith in Music
1:30 - 2:30 PM

Join your voice with World Library Publications composers and friends to sing through a diverse selection of musical offerings. Discover pieces in many styles that will work for choirs of all sizes and skill levels. You are sure to find many options that will engage and inspire your choirs, your ensembles, and the assembly! All attendees will take home a resource packet filled with full-size octavos and other great samples.


Interest Section Meetings
3:00 - 4:15 PM

Gather with members and colleagues who share one of your areas of interest or experience for a conversation about ways in which NPM is addressing your concerns and how the association might serve you more effectively. Choose your interest section and plan to join in the dialogue:

African American Musicians • Asian Pacific Musicians • Campus Ministers • Cantors •
Chant • Choir Directors • Clergy • Composers • Diocesan Directors of Music • Ensemble Musicians
• Musicians Serving Religious Communities • Hispanic Musicians • Music Education
• Musicians in the Military • Organists • Pastoral Liturgy • Pianists • Youth

Music Industry Showcase II
4:45 - 5:30 pm

S2–01 MorningStar Music for the Church
Mark Lawson, Kelly Dobbs-Mickus, and John Romeri

S2–02 You Are the Vine: Songs for People of Prayer
Feargal King and Breda Barry King (Kingsfold Music)

S2–03 Children’s Choir Music and Resources, Plus a Few Mixed Voice
Best Sellers

Jim Rindelaub (Choristers Guild)

S2–04 Hope Publishing Choral Reading Session
Joel Raney and Jane Holstein

S2–05 One Heart, One Mind: Make Music with the Emmaus Center!
David Haas, Lori True, and Friends

S2–06 New Sounds & Psalms—Exciting New Music from the Newman Singers
Joe Mattingly & the Newman Singers

S2–07 The Liturgical Church and the Modern Organ
Dan Miller (Rodgers Instruments Corporation)

S2–08 Music for the More Advanced Choir
Mark Lawson and Charles Peery (ECS Publishing)

S2–09 Youth Choirs Are Invited to Sing with Pope Francis!
John Hale (Corporate Travel Service)

S2–10 Ministry Scheduling: Traditions Don’t Change. Technology Does
Maxwell Garcia (Ministry Scheduler Pro)


S2–12 Celebrating Christ in Music
Terry Piontkowski (Lumen Christi)

S2–13 Creativity and the Artist/Musician
Anne Kertz Kernion (Cards by Anne)

S2–14 The Bees Are Back
Martin Marklin (Marklin Candle Design)

S2–15 New Settings for Sung Gospels and More!
Paul Inwood (Liturgical Press)

S2–16 New Choral Music for Liturgical Choirs
Chris Walker (Fred Bock Music Companies)

S2-17 Proclaim Good News: Misa de Renovacion and other titles in both Spanish and English
David Kauffman and William Gokelman (Good for the Soul Music)


Evening Events III
7:00 pm–8:00 pm

Archdiocese of St. Louis Choir in Concert 03-01

This hour of exquisite French choral music features the Messe Solennelle of Louis Vierne in the beauty of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. Directed by Cathedral music director Dr. Horst Buchholz.


A Night of Acoustic Guitars 03-02

This performance of acoustic instrumental music, presented by Stephen Petrunak and Bobby Fisher, includes works of contemporary composers, classical guitar composers, and original works by the artists. Sponsored by GIA Publications.



Evening Events IV
9:00–10:00 pm

Hymn Festival with Dr. Jeffrey Neal Blersch 04-01

Enjoy the sound of hymnody in the wonderful space of the Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus at Concordia Seminary with its four-manual Casavant organ. Under the leadership of Dr. Blersch, an organist, composer, and leader of congregational song with consummate skill. Sponsored by Concordia Publishing House


¡Un Concierto por la Paz! A Concert for Peace! 04-02
Led by Jaime Cortez, Bob Hurd, and friends

Utilizando la música, las oraciones y simbolos de las comunidades de habla inglesa y español, nos reunimos para elevar nuestras voces en esperanza y oración por la paz en la tierra, la paz para todos los pueblos. Patrocinado por OCP.

Using the music, prayers, and symbols of Spanish- and English-speaking communities, we come together to lift our voices in hope and prayer for peace on earth, peace for all peoples. Sponsored by OCP.


Taizé Prayer
10:15–11:15 pm

Gather with other members of the Body of Christ around the cross and other icons of the Divine Presence, in the light of Christ, to sing God’s praise at the end of this convention day.


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