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Convention Overview
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Pre-convention Events
Monday, July 14
Tuesday, July 15
Wednesday, July 16
Thursday, July 17
Friday,July 18
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Monday, July 14
1:30 pm Convention Opening and Plenum: Good News for a Wounded People
3:30 pm - 7:30 pm Registration
4:15 pm

Breakout A
Institutes continue

5:30 pm Youth Gathering I
7:00 pm Evening Events 01
9:00 pm Evening Events 02
10:00 pm Exhibit Hall Grand Opening & Late Night Expo I

Convention Opening and Keynote
1:30 - 3:30 PM


Gathering and Annual Members’ Meeting
We gather to Proclaim Good News as the NPM family. We are welcomed by NPM leaders and by representatives of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. The NPM leadership offer a brief summary of the work and state of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.

Plenum: Good News for a Wounded People
Jerry Galipeau

Where is the Good News for those who feel disillusioned or disaffected, alienated from institutional structures they no longer trust or value? How do we help those who are losing heart to renew their hope? And how do we remain faithful ministers of the Gospel in our own discouragement while reaching out to those who feel they have no place at the Table of the Lord? Explore how we can not only live with our current experience but even find Good News in it.

Jerry Galipeau, D.Min. is Vice President and Chief Publishing Officer for the J. S. Paluch Company and its music and liturgy division, World Library Publications. Before coming to WLP, he served for fifteen years as Director of Liturgy and Music at parishes in Florida and Illinois.



Breakout Sessions 4:15 - 5:30 pm

Scripture, Keyboard, Composer & Text Writers Institutes and Catholic Liturgical Ministry Boot Camp continue from Monday morning pre-convention sessions and DMMD Institute continues from Monday morning

A-01  The Triduum through Fresh Eyes: Pray and Reflect on the Rites, Part 1
Paul Turner and Ed Hislop

An in-depth and fresh look at the Liturgies of the Triduum through prayer and mystagogical reflection to enhance your own pastoral practice. For DMMD members only.


A-02  Pastoral Musicians in a Time of Change
Dan Schutte

Merging parish, changing priests, new Mass settings . . . relying on the power and leading of the Spirit, pastoral ministers shepherd a community through change.

Music Directors

A-03  A Spirituality of Liturgical Chant: A Liturgical Lectio Divina
Paul Ford

The Liturgy and its chant are rich resources for meditation and formation for Christian living. Apply the ancient practice of Lectio to the chant of the liturgy.


A-04  Anointing of the Sick: Resources for Religious and Parish Celebration
Kathleen Harmon, SND DE N

A look at music, resources, and pastoral practices for celebrating this important sacrament.

Serving Religious Communities

A-05  Forming Young Pastoral Musicians For Ministry
Kate Cuddy

Explore a holistic path to ground and empower high school and college students seeking to grow in their calling and vocation as ministers of sung prayer.

Adults Working with Youth

A-06  The RCIA Forty Years Later: What Have We Learned?
Jerry Galipeau

 An honest assessment on where we have been and where we need to go.

Liturgy: The Rites

A-07  Classical Choral Repertoire for the Intermediate Choir, Part 1
Paul French

Classical repertoire that will serve your choir and the liturgy.

Choir Directors

A-08  Singing Polyphony for Fun and Formation
Christopher Walker

Enjoy singing polyphony and learn the “how to” of conducting it at the same time.

Choir Directors

A-09  Fixin' the Mixin'
Kevin Keil, Barney Walker

How to mix and blend the sound of an entire ensemble using the church sound system. Covers the use of chorus, delay, reverb, and equalization to enhance the sound of the ensemble.

Ensemble Musicians

A-10  Organ Repertoire Based on Chant
Adam Brakel

Review repertoire from the Renaissance to today that can be effective for worship and concert.


A-11  The Artistry of Liturgy, Part 1
John Foley, SJ

Liturgy is an art that invites our attention in the preparation and in the praying. Understand and claim your art.

Music Directors

A-12  The Basics of Celebrating Multicultural Liturgy/ Los elementos básicos para celebrar una liturgia multicultural.
Pedro Rubalcava

How does one cross the border between the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking communities to celebrate multicultural liturgy? Practical advice on techniques and attitudes will be offered.
 ¿Cómo se cruzan las fronteras entre las comunidades de habla inglesa y hispano-parlantes para celebrar una liturgia multicultural e integrada? Se presentarán sugerencias prácticas y actitudes para considerar al respecto.


A-13  An Overview of the BCC, ICC, and CCC
Mary Lynn Pleczkowski

The what, why, and how of these important basic, intermediate, and colleague certificates available from NPM for cantors.


A-14  Cantor Mini Retreat: Spirituality, Coaching, and Techniques, Part 1
ValLimar Jansen

A holistic approach to ministry as a cantor.


A-15  Music for Funerals
Jennifer Kerr Breedlove-Budziak

 Music to help us gather to pray for those who have died and with those who remain in celebrating the Order of Christian Funerals.

Music Directors

A-16  The Liturgy and Upcoming Changes: How They Affect Clergy
Richard Hilgartner

Stay abreast of the latest in the renewal of liturgical books and rites by entering into conversation with the former executive director of the Bishops' Committee on Divine Worship.


A-17  Music and the Mass: Rite by Rite and Step by Step, Part 1
David Haas  Lori True

A guide for pastoral musicians to key documents and principles regarding the celebration of the Eucharist. Participants will walk through the Mass, rite by rite and step by step, with facilitators who will describe each part through Scripture; Church documents; and various theological, liturgical, and pastoral sources. Commentary will be offered about the meaning of each part of the Mass through the lens of liturgical music.

Liturgy: The Rites

A-18  Piano Improvisation Techniques
Mark Hayes

Learn practical tools for piano improvisation from a master at the art of improvisation.


Youth Gathering I
5:30 – 6:30 pm

Rachelle Kramer


For Youth Only. Young pastoral musicians and other leaders in high school and college: Come learn what the convention has to offer you and how it will challenge you, and meet your peers in pastoral music ministry.

Evening Events One

7:00 – 8:00 pm

Young Organists in Concert 01-01
Coordinator: Preston Dibble

Hear the “king of instruments” proclaim the Good News of praising God in song under the hands —and feet—of two outstanding young organists, Jeong-Suk Bae and Adam Detzner, hosted by Preston Dibble, chair of the NPM Steering Committee for the Organist Section.

Jim Manley Mad Brass & Rhythm 01-02

St. Louis is known for Jazz and Blues and a convention in St. Louis wouldn’t be complete without a native son playing the music of the city. Jim Manley is an explosive trumpet player in the style of Maynard Ferguson who has put together a seven piece instrumental group that you don’t want to miss.


Evening Events Two

9:00 pm–10:00 pm

Revival! With Grayson Warren Brown 02-01

Come prepared for a passionate experience of music and message that creates an opportunity for spiritual and
personal renewal. Led by Grayson Warren Brown. Sponsored by OCP.

Quiet Night 02-02

A time to rest, to breathe, to be. A one-hour retreat that weaves together song, story, prayer, and instrumental music to lead participants to the place where our spirits meet and are renewed by God’s Spirit. Sponsored by Good for the Soul Music.


Exhibit Hall Grand Opening
Late Night Expo I
10:00 PM - 12:00 Midnight

Gather at the Exhibit Hall at the end of this exciting first day. Enjoy a complimentary selection of drinks, snacks, and a cash bar and check out the incredible variety of products and services for your ministry. Place your first bids in the NPM Silent Auction.



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