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Monday, July 14
Tuesday, July 15
Wednesday, July 16
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Friday,July 18
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Convention Handouts and Newsletters

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Convention Newsletters

Class Handouts

MC-08 Chant Master Class
Clinician Columba Kelly, OSB

ME-01 How to Build a Strong Music Program
Kenneth Lederle


A 10 Organ Repertoire Based on Chant
Adam Brakel 

A 15 Music for Funerals
Jennifer Kerr Breedlove-Budziak

A 18 Piano Improvisation Techniques
Mark Hayes

B-06 Merging, Clustering, Closing Parishes, Part 1: Processes
Michael Weldon, OFM

B 10 Effective Practice Techniques
Adam Brakel

B-06 Merging, Clustering, Closing Parishes, Part 1: Processes
Michael Weldon, OFM

B-12  Bilingual Repertoire that Can Help Every Music Director
Peter Kolar

C-06 Merging, Clustering, Closing Parishes, Part 2: Rituals
Michael Weldon, OFM

C 09 Mix, Match, and Make
Kevin Keil and Gael Berberick

D-08    Working with the Mature Voice
Kathleen DeJardin

D 09 Selecting Repertoire for the Liturgical Year
Gael Berberick

D-14  The Psalms in the Unfolding of the Word, Part 1
J. Michael Joncas, Tony Alonso, and Marty Haugen

D 16 Clergy and Musicians Working Together
Mary Jo Quinn, scl, and  Ed Hislop

E-02 Pastoral Musicians Claim Your Art: Tools for Better Musicianship
Kathleen DeJardin

E-03    Introducing Chant into the Parish Repertoire
Charles Thatcher

E-06  Tools For Full, Conscious, and Active Participation by All of the Assembly
Tom Kendzia

E 07 Sight Singing
Jennifer Kerr Breedlove-Budziak

E-08    Working with Children: Repertoire
Lee Gwozdz

E-09  Writing Parts for Hispanic Music and Musicians
Peter Kolar

F 03 Accessible Chant Resources
Charles Thatcher

F 05 Working with Youth on Campus
Angela Stramaglia

F-06  Answer the Call--Ritual Music and Youth
Tom Kendzia

F-08  Working with Children: Techniques
Lee Gwozdz

F-09  Everything You Need to Know about Copyrights in 75 Minutes
Jason Lorenzon

F-14    Cantor 201: Vocal Techniques
Kathleen DeJardin

F-15  The Psalms in the Unfolding of the Word, Part 2
Marty Haugen, J. Michael Joncas, and Tony Alonso

F 17 Working Together as Staff/Volunteers
Stephen Petrunak


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