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Monday, July 11
Tuesday, July 12
Wednesday, July 13
Thursday, July 14
Friday,July 15
Saturday,July 16
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Friday, July 15
8:15 am Morning Prayer
8:50 am Welcome Multicultural Intensive
9:00 am Plenum: “May the Peoples Praise You, God; May All the Peoples Praise You” (Psalm 67)
„Oh Dios, que te alaben los pueblos, que todos los pueblos te alaben” (Salmo 66)
10:30 am Breakout F
noon Closing and Re-commissioning
Multicultural Intensive
1:00 pm Plenum Group Discussions
2:30 pm Breakout G
4:00 pm Breakout H
7:00 pm Evening Events 5
9:00 pm Night Prayer

Morning Prayer
8:15 am
“When we pray, the voice of the heart must be heard more than what comes from the mouth.” ~St. Bonaventure


Welcome Multicultural Intensive Attendees
8:50 am
As we begin our final day and prepare to depart we welcome the attendees of the Multicultural Intensive who joined us last evening for Eucharist and continue their weekend today through tomorrow afternoon. We wish them the best.

Plenum | “May the Peoples Praise You, God; May All the Peoples Praise You” (Psalm 67)
„Oh Dios, que te alaben los pueblos, que todos los pueblos te alaben” (Salmo 66)

9:00 am
Rev. Paul Turner

There is an urgency in finding ways to do what we’ve been talking about— embracing diversity within the one Faith, celebrating the rich diversity that gives us so many ways to praise God. The text of Fr. Turner’s presentation will also be projected in Spanish and Vietnamese.

Father Turner is pastor of St. Anthony Parish in Kansas City, Missouri. A priest of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, he holds a doctorate in sacred theology from Sant’ Anselmo in Rome.His publications include At the Supper of the Lamb (Chicago: Liturgy Training Publications, 2011); Glory in the Cross (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2011); ML Bulletin Inserts (San Jose: Resource Publications, 2012); and Celebrating Initiation: A Guide for Priests (Chicago: World Library Publications, 2008). He is a regular contributor to Worship magazine’s “The Amen Corner.” He is a former President of the North American Academy of Liturgy, a member of Societas Liturgica and the Catholic Academy of Liturgy. He is a recipient of the Jubilate Deo Award (National Association of Pastoral Musicians) and the Frederick McManus Award (Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions). He also serves as a facilitator for the International Commission on English in the Liturgy.

Breakout F
10:30 - 11:30 AM

F-01 Lectionary Anthem Project: Music for Children’s Choirs
Tim Dyksinski
Music will be selected that compliments the three year cycle of readings at Mass.


F-02 Calling the Marginalized to Our Communities
ValLimar Jansen
Jesus’ ministry reached out to folks on the margins: uneducated peasants, women, the “unclean,” foreigners, invading occupiers of his country. Can we do the same? How?


F-03 Clergy and Music Minister Working Together
René Mondragon and Fr. James Courville 

We will discuss what takes place weekly at our parish as we discuss the music and the liturgies that take place daily at the parish. We will provide advice on what needs to take place to better the relationship between Pastor and music director. It will discuss the need for weekly meetings between the Liturgy Team and the clergy in order for Liturgy to be done well.


F-04 All David’s Children: An Introduction to the Old Testament
Gordon Truitt
The Old Testament is the foundation for the New. Explore our faith's firm foundation in Israel's developing understanding of the Holy One.


F-05 Gift of the Earth and Work of Human Hands: Embracing the Message of Laudato Si 
Tony Alonso/Marty Haugen
Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment is addressed to “every person on the planet.” How can Christians faithfully and effectively respond to the crisis of climate change? How might our actions reflect an understanding of our relationship to God’s creation? How do we witness in our community worship and mission a commitment to tending and nurturing our common, sacred home?

  Alonso Haugen

F-06 Why, O Lord? Singing through Pain and Grief
John Angotti
John shares the personal stories and those of people he’s encountered to show how sacred music brings people through moments of grief and pain to a place of healing and peace. Find ways to sing and remain faith-filled through your own times of loss and pain. Find ways to use your music ministry to bring comfort to others.


F-07 Acclamations and Responses in Black Catholic Worship
Meyer Chambers
Hymns, Psalms, Responses, Acclamations and the power of dialogical, sung prayer. Lets have a Sankofa moment and explore the richness of this treasury. Bring some examples of whats worked in your ministry and lets build the future together.


F-08 Instituto de OCP Introducción
Rodolfo López
Venga a conocer acerca de uno de los programas de capacitación y formación de más éxiito de la editorial OCP. El objective del Instituto OCP es colaborar con parroquias para dearrollar las habilidades los músicos litúrgicos hispanos y a aumentar su conocimiento y comprensión sobre el papel de la música en la liturgia católica. Todos son bienvenidos.


F-09 Leading Choirs and Ensembles
Rachelle Kramer
So you’re the new leader for your parish choir or the contemporary ensemble? This workshop discusses the challenges of beginning that ministry and offers wisdom, guidance, and strategies to help you and the whole music ministry move forward. And there will be time for questions and answers.


F-10 Thánh Ca Dân Chúa, / Exploring a hymnal resource as an introduction to Vietnamese composers and repertoire
Paul Nguyen and Rufino Zaragoza, OFM
Looking at the contents of this new resource, learning how it was assembled, and exploring how best to use it. (Presented in English)

Nguyen Zaragoza

F-11 Directing a Spanish Choir . . . When You Don’t Know Spanish
Pablo Ocañas
Stepping out of your comfort zone: The choir members speak little or no English, and I speak little or no Spanish. What should I do? How do I see Christ in an assembly that prays in a beautiful language that I don’t know, and how do they see Christ reflected in my effort to keep up? Find practical suggestions in this session.


F-12 Trabajando con los Jovenes: Celebrando los Tiempos Litúrgicos, en una Parroquia
Israel Martinez
Compartir experiencis y sugerencias de cómo los jóvenes celeban su vida de fe, de oración y de ser Iglesia en la parroquia sigguiendo el Año Litúrgico desde el principio de Adviento hast su termino con la celebratión de Cristo Rey.


F-13 The New Majority: When Hispanic Catholics Become the Majority
Sr. Doris Turek 
What exciting opportunities await us as we prepare, with eyes wide open, to worship joyfully in word and song, embracing the challenges and promises that the parish of the future holds for us! This workshop will explore some of them.


F-14 How Can the Keyboard Serve Multiple Cultures?
Peter Kolar
The keyboard is unparalleled in its ability to simultaneously engage a singing assembly while still conveying the orchestral breadth of piece, and authenticity of style. Come explore this versatility in the context of different cultural styles.


F-15 Songs of Christ’s Presence
Alan Hommerding
The texts we sing give focus to an amplify the various ways Christ is present in the Church at prayer. We sing together about Christ’s ministerial, scriptural, gathered, and Eucharistic presence. This session explores how texts help and hinder the song of Christ present, with a special focus on Eucharistic texts.                 


F-16 The Cantor Animates the Assembly, Part 2: the Gesture, Proper Body Language and Use of the Microphone
Dan Girardot
If you’re glad to be performing this ministry, inform your face and the rest of your body! Being a cantor is an incarnate ministry, and we need to know how best to use our whole selves in this ministry. Part 2 of 2.               



Closing and Re-commissioning
12:00 PM

As this year’s convention closes, we bless one another’s ministry and commit ourselves to another year of faithful service. We ask God to lead us in the way of peace and bring us back to our homes safely and gladly.

Plenum Group Discussions
May the Peoples Praise You, God; May All the Peoples Praise You
Oh Dios, que te alaben los pueblos, que todos los pueblos te alaben
1:00 pm

A chance to unpack the morning Plenum. Key representatives from each community lead a discussion with members of their own culture about ways they can welcome the gifts of other cultures. How do they open their doors to the other? Presenters will name the core challenges of musical and liturgical ministry in a multicultural setting and describe some practical solutions they have discovered in their own ministry.

Breakout G
2:30 - 3:30 PM

G-01  Instituto: Ministerio del Cantor
Estella García López
Ven a aprender sobre la importancia del papel del Cantor como Salmista y guía del canto del canto de la  asamblea para promover participación plena, activa y consciente.


G-02 Visión General sobre los documentos litúrgicos más importantes / Overview of Key Liturgical Documents
Jaime Cortez
Desde el Vaticano II hasta hoy, ¿cuáles son los documentos litúrgicos principales que guían cantadas culto? [From Vatican II until today, what are the main documents guiding sung liturgical worship?]


G-03 La voz de la asamblea
Peter Kolar
For Spanish see B-10 Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship states that the choir is "able to enrich the celebration by adding musical elements beyond the capabilities of the congregation alone," but that it "must not minimize the musical participation of the faithful." These words of encouragement and caution serve as our ministerial beacon as we explore how to better foster that "full, conscious, and active participation demanded by the very nature of the Liturgy."


G-04 Let the Church Say: Liturgical Documents on African American Worship Style
Roger Holland
What do Church documents have to say about worship in African American parishes? What special documents guide us in incorporating our culture(s) in Catholic worship?


G-05 The Inculturation of Vietnamese Liturgical Music through the lens of the composers and performers pt 1
Fr. Xuan-Thao Nguyen
Kể về câu chuyện của người Công giáo Việt ở Mỹ: bài học kinh nghiệm, những thách thức phải đối mặt. [Telling the story of Vietnamese Catholics in America: lessons learned, challenges faced.]


G-06 Music for the Rites of Initiation
Jerry Galipeau
Ritual music enlivens the celebration of the rite of the RCIA. Examine these rites and discover principals to be sure that it is the assembly that does initiation, with hearts and voices.


G-07 Vietnamese Language and Pronunciation Basics
Paul Nguyen
Vietnamese Language and Pronunciation Basics; and adapting psalms for multilingual celebrations. For second generation Vietnamese-Americans and non Vietnamese speakers who wish to have basic knowledge of Vietnamese phonetics and apply it to phrases and refrains for use during parish or diocesan celebrations. (class will be instructed in English)


G-08 The Heart of Worship – One Parish’s Remarkable Day of Prayer
Fr. Drew Wood, Kevin Klotz, Sharon Ehrenkranz
Get the inside scoop from a parish that offers a spiritual event each year attracting 1500 people for a full day of music, speakers, dinner, Mass, and Eucharistic Adoration. Come as we share the inspiration for the day, plus provide tips and a practical template for planning and creating a similar day at your parish. 


G-09 Building Intercultural Competence for Ministers
Sr. Doris Turek 
One cannot preach, teach, or form persons in the Catholic faith adequately without attending to the ways in which Catholic faith and identity become embodied in culture. Proficiency in matters of culture and intercultural relations is an essential feature of the ongoing process of conversion by which the Gospel becomes life for people. What are the competencies that advance both the proclamation of the Gospel and the intercultural dialogue leading to the Christian conversion of individuals and entire cultures, and how do we acquire them?


G-10 NPM Listens: African American Interest Section
Valerie Lee-Jeter
Let the dialogue be open! The best way to an answer is through an open exchange of ideas. How can NPM best serve the needs of the African American Interest Section in today’s Church? Come share your stories and ideas.


G-11 Preparing to chant the Exsultet from the Roman Missal, Third Edition
Alexis Kutarna
This beautiful poem praises the candle as the symbol of Christ’s resurrection and honors the bees that created the wax, leading us to praise Christ who “has shed his peaceful light on humanity.” Learn the structure of the Easter Proclamation and the best way to proclaim it musically.


G-12 Breathing from Both Lungs—Utilizing Eastern Chant in Western Liturgy
J. Michael Thompson
The Church in the West has borrowed the structure of its worship and its liturgical year from the Churches of the East. We have also borrowed texts for singing (the Gloria, for example). Now the East offers the West its way of chanting the texts we pray. Come and listen and learn!


G-13 Music for Catholic School Masses—How to Teach It, Where to Find It
Mary Monks, Kathleen Demney
How do you introduce children to singing the liturgy and not just “age appropriate” hymns and songs? Where do you find repertoire that leads them into the Paschal Mystery? And how do you find “teachable moments” to train them in singing? Here are some answers.


G-14 Conducting Chants from the Missal for Young Voices
Lee Gwozdz
Practical help from a master teacher of music with children to introduce young singers to the kind of music they would rarely hear on Spotify!



Breakout H
4:00 - 5:00 PM

H-01 Preaching in a Multicultural/Multilingual Community
Rev. Paul Turner
Preaching in diverse communities demands extra work in preparation and delivery. Hear new ideas and share your best ones in  this interactive session.


H-02 Liturgy 101 For All
Valerie Lee-Jeter
Come one come all for a course in Liturgy 101 or “basics” for the person who hasn’t had any Liturgy training. We all need to know the basic rubrics of our rites. In this session Valerie will explain why we do what we do and—more important—how to do it “rite.”


H-03 Introducción al Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos
Michelle Abeyta/Jerry Galipeau
Este taller se enfocará en la historia, lenguaje, estructura y visión del Rito de Iniciación Cristiano de Adultos.

Abeyta Galipeau

H-04 Instituto por la guitarra
Rodolfo López
La guitarra es uno de los instrumentos más populare del mundo y es la piedra angular musical de muchas culturas. La guitarra tiene raíces profundas en la comunidad hispana y ha sido aceptada como el instrumento fundamental de acompañamiento en la liturgia. Lo invitamos a participar de este taller que recorre las tradiciones musicales en las que el eje es la guitarra, su técnia,


H-05 The Inculturation of Vietnamese Liturgical Music through the lens of the composers and performers pt 2
Fr. Xuan-Thao Nguyen
The Churches of Asia have been at work on inculturation since the Chinese Rites Controversy in the 17th century. Come and discover what’s been happening recently and what lessons are being learned in these Churches.


H-06 Hướng Dẫn Mục Vụ Thánh Nhạc
Paul Nguyen/Rufino Zaragoza, OFM
The Vietnamese Bishop’s Conference adaptation of Sing to the Lord, as music ministry basics from a Vietnamese perspective.

Nguyen Zaragoza

H-07 Alabanza Coral Showcase
Pedro Rubalcava, Stella García López
Alabanza Coral is one of OCP’s newest offerings, featuring choral arrangements of songs from OCP’s Spanish and bilingual hymnals and missals. Alabanza Coral es una de las ofertas más recientes de OCP, con arreglos corales de canciones de himnarios y misales español y bilingües de OCP.

Rubalcava Lopez

H-08 Cantor Techniques in Just One Session
VaLimar Jansen
Get the basics, and get them in an exciting presentation that will fire your dedication to this ministry of cantor and psalmist.


H-09 Gospel Piano Techniques
Roger Holland
Gospel piano supports the singing but also dances with the singers to create a remarkable and unique way to praise God. Learn how the instruments—piano and singers—work together.


H-10 NPM ¡Escuchas!: Sesiones de interés, para aquellos de habla hispana / NPM Listens: Hispanic Interest Section
Edna Arguello-Hitchner
Deje que el diálogo sea abierto! La mejor manera de responder es a través de un intercambio abierto de ideas. ¿Cómo puede NPM servir mejor a las necesidades de la Sección de Intereses de los hispanos en la Iglesia de hoy? Ven a compartir sus historias e ideas.

Let the dialogue be open! The best way to an answer is through an open exchange of ideas. How can NPM best serve the needs of the Hispanic Interest Section in today’s Church? Come share your stories and ideas.


H-11 Como Dirigir un Coro en Español / How To Direct a Choir in Spanish
Bea Garcia
¿Lo que es único acerca de la dirección de un coro en español? Ven y aprende! [What is unique about directing a choir in Spanish? Come and learn!]


H-12 Rite of Marriage
Fr. James Burkart
What’s new in the new rite? What’s been reinforced from the earlier rite? What do we need to correct In current practice? And how do we use the special cultural adaptations from Spanish and Filipino practice for marriages in the United States?


H-13 Full, Active, and Conscious Participation through the Lens of the Music Minister | A través de los Ojos del Ministro de la Música: La Participación Plena, Activa y Consciente
Peter Kolar
De un punto de vista del ministro de la música, ¿cómo “suena” la participación plena, activa y consciente de la asamblea? ¿Cómo se puede lograr que esto sea lo normal para su comunidad?


H-14 Técnicas de Ensayo para Niños y Coros Júveniles
Pablo Ocanas
Aquí es cómo mantener a niños y jóvenes interesados en la práctica del coro, listos para aprender. [Here is how you keep children and youth interested in choir practice, ready to learn.]



Events 5: 7:00-8:00 pm

Open Wide the Doors of Mercy: The Church Unites Its Voices in Song
This evening at three of the Pilgrim Churches associated with Holy Doors, and linked by tradition to its community we will experience an event in the language of the people of that Church. There will be an event in Spanish, an event in Vietnamese and an African American Celebration!

Roger Holland at St. Francis of Assisi 05-01
African American Event
Sing and celebrate our African and African American heritage in a church that celebrates this heritage in the context of the Church’s diversity and the history of Galveston-Houston. In a church that honors an Italian saint, there are images of the Mother and Child from many ethnic and racial groups. Where there are images of Black saints, there is also a sanctuary lamp salvaged from the old St. Mary’s Orphanage in Galveston that was destroyed in the Great Hurricane of 1900.

Vietnamese Archdiocesan Choir directed by Fr. Xuan Nguyen 05-02
Vietnamese master class and chorale at Our Lady of Lavang
Đúng thế, Đức Mẹ đã hiện diện khắp nơi với Con Mẹ là Dân Việt. Qua những ý niệm và nơi chốn trên, chúng ta không thể không nhắc đến không những là Nhà Thờ Đức Mẹ La Vang mà còn có Linh Đài Đức Mẹ La Vang, một trung tâm rộng 22 mẫu tây nằm ngay trung tâm Hoa Kỳ "Houston Texas".[Taken from the parish website; the English below is not a translation of this text.]
[Founded in 1985 to serve the spiritual needs of Vietnamese, Our Lady Of Lavang is one of the largest Vietnamese Catholic communities in the United States. However, our doors are wide opened to all people who wish to join us.]

Vive tu fe 05-03
Pedro Rubalcava, Rodolfo López, Estela García López, Jaime Cortez, Damaris Thillet and Pablo Ocañas at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church
En 1991, un marcador histórico del estado fue dedicado fuera de la iglesia, lo que demuestra el papel de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe ha desempeñado en el desarrollo de la comunidad mexicana en Houston. Se señala que el espíritu de esta comunidad siempre ha sido uno de acogedor. Bienvenido a esta celebración de la música de fe con textos en español, ritmos y expresiones. [In 1991 a State Historical Marker was dedicated outside the church, attesting to the role Our Lady of Guadalupe has played in the development of the Mexican American community in Houston. It notes that the spirit of this community has always been one of welcoming. Welcome to this celebration of the music of faith with Spanish texts, rhythms, and expressions.]


Night Prayer
9:00 pm

Protect us, Lord, as we stay awake; watch over us as we sleep.
Bảo vệ chúng ta, Chúa, như chúng ta ở lại tỉnh táo; xem trên chúng ta khi chúng ta ngủ.
Protégenos, Señor, cuando nos mantengamos despiertos; velar por nosotros mientras dormimos.


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