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Convention Overview
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Monday, July 14
Tuesday, July 15
Wednesday, July 16
Thursday, July 17
Friday,July 18
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Friday, July 18
7:00 am Daily Eucharist
8:00 am Registration Opens
815 am Morning Prayer
9:15 am Breakout F
Institutes Conclude
11:15 am Plenum: Go and Proclaim the Gospel of the Lord
Closing and Re-commissioning:



Daily Eucharist 7:00 am

Eucharist is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


Morning Prayer
8:15 am
“In the tender compassion of our God, the dawn from on high shall break upon us, to shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death, and to guide
our feet into the way of peace.” (Canticle of Zechariah)

Breakout Sessions 9:15 - 10:30 am

Scripture, Keyboard, Composer & Text Writers Institutes and Catholic Liturgical Ministry Boot Camp continue from previous sessions, and end at the same time as these breakout sessions.

F-01 The Arts in Liturgy
Mary Frances Fleischaker, OP

Liturgy has always used the arts as integral elements of our prayers. Explore how this has been done and how the arts enable and promote full, active, conscious and contemplative participation in the liturgy.


F-02  Pastoral Musicians Claim Your Art: How Do I Feed My Soul?
Dan Schutte

As musicians and pastoral ministers we need nourishment, if we are going to nourish others. How do I feed my soul with art, beauty, and prayer?

Music Directors

F-03  Accessible Chant Resources
Charles Thatcher

Everything you need to find the chant resources that will serve you and your assembly.


F-04  Beyond Sing to the Lord
Steve Janco

Sing to the Lord is a basic foundation for liturgical musicians. What more do we need to inform us?

Liturgical Formation

F-05  Working with Youth on Campus
Angela Stramaglia

Campus life offers its own opportunities and challenges for ministry. Discover and explore.

Campus Ministry

F-06  Answer the Call--Ritual Music and Youth
Tom Kendzia

A perennial challenge that invites our openness and creativity to help our youth pray in song.

Adults Working with Youth

F-07  The Many Hats We Wear: Liturgist, Planner, Pastor to the Choir, and More
David Anderson

The skills you need depend on the hat you wear at a given moment. Try on these hats to explore new skills.

Beginning Conductors

F-08  Working with Children: Techniques
Lee Gwozdz

A master children's choir director offers practical advice for working with children.

Advanced Choir Directors

F-09  Everything You Need to Know about Copyrights in 75 Minutes
Jason Lorenzon

Just what the title announces.


F-10  Registration from Assembly Song to Repertoire
Preston Dibble

What stops do I choose to help the assembly participate in song and to honor the style of the repertoire I play? Come and find out.


F-11  Techniques: Sure They're Fun, Now Let's Make Them Musical
Philip Roberts

“Hands on” class where all handbell techniques are discussed and properly demonstrated. Goal/objective: To provide insight into mastering the technical skills required to accomplish the many handbell and handchime ringing techniques.


F-12  Responsorial Psalms in Spanish/ Salmos responsoriales en español
Pedro Rubalcava

Resources to add to your Spanish Psalm repertoire.
Recursos para agregar salmos en español a su repertorio.


F-13  Singing Responsorial Psalms from an African American Perspective
Kim Harris and M. Roger Holland II

Whether singing or playing psalms set by African Americans or interpreting or reinterpreting psalm settings composed by others, there is a soulfulness from the black aesthetic that can be applied to enrich the singing of psalms for any community. Come and learn how. 

Clarence Joseph Rivers

F-14  Cantor 201: Vocal Techniques
Kathleen DeJardin

More than the basics to help you develop your vocal skills.


F-15  The Psalms in the Unfolding of the Word, Part 2
Marty Haugen, J. Michael Joncas, and Tony Alonso

A continuation of D-14.                        

Psalm Study for Cantors

F-16  Presiding to Include All God's People
Ronald Raab, csc

We sing that “All Are Welcome.” How can we make it so when we gather the assembly of God's people in worship?


F-17  Working Together as Staff/Volunteers
Stephen Petrunak

 Explore human behavior, basic personality types, communication, conflict resolution, motivating employees/volunteers, managing people, teamwork and collaboration, all under the guidance of Gospel principles.

Music Directors

F-18  How Technology Helps the Music Director, Part 3: Finale, Sibelius, What Else, Oh My!
Joseph Balistreri

A continuation of D-18 and E-18.



Plenum and Closing Event

11:15 AM
Go and Proclaim the Gospel of the Lord

Msgr. Ray East

Saint Augustine said that “liturgy makes the Church, and the Church makes liturgy.” The document Sing to the Lord tells us that liturgy and its music shape a Church where “charity, justice, and evangelization are the normal consequences of liturgical celebration,” a Church that leads “men and women ‘to the faith, freedom, and peace of Christ by the example of its life and teaching.’” Liturgical ministry is pastoral: It shapes the community. The texts we sing are subversive of the world’s expectations. Pastoral musicians, then, are preachers and spiritual directors. Go and challenge the Church to proclaim the Gospel.

Msgr. Ray East is pastor of St. Therese of Avila Parish in Southwest Washington, DC. Preacher, musician and NPM member, Fr. Ray has worked in Liturgy, Youth Ministry, and Evangelization ministries.



Convention Closing and Re-commissioning

We go forth rededicated to ministry, singing God’s Spirit, to preach Gospel hope by our presence in the world.



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